No News is Bad News

snow action team 18.02.2021

UPDATE: then like a miracle, wake up Monday morning and the FB God has switched us back on .. and hopefully everybody else they switched off too. Until next time .. guess you’ll see more activity from us on Twitter.

Thanks to the dispute between the Australian Government and Facebook ALL Australian news sites – not just the handful of big publishers who gain from the Government’s new laws, but all the thousands of small publishers/bloggers/community news sites etc – suddenly can’t share their stuff on Facebook.

In fact, all shared posts have been removed overnight.

And anyone who likes a post can’t share it either!

Which is total censorship and totally out of control.

Obviously social media generated traffic is a huge part of most of the traffic such sites get so without it they won’t survive.

A complete failure to consider the consequences – first by the government, now by Facebook.

If FB and the Aussie government want to fight about millions for large media companies they can – and in meantime FB can shut access to those companies’ news sites if they wish.

But for the thousands of others who gain nothing, yet collectively supply lots of traffic, it’s a disaster.

Here’s a sample of how we look today .. a blank canvas, years of work removed thank you very much !