Niseko Weiss Powder Cats making it easy to be first

Niseko Weiss Powder Cats are go for season 2019-2020. Here are some scenes from Day 1. Not perfect, but not too shabby!

HPG guide leads the way 2019-2020 season opening day Weiss Powder Cats
Weiss is cat skiing for the people – you don’t have to be any kind of expert yo have a go and have fun © HPG

There is simply no better or easier way for the majority of skiers or boarders to get first tracks at Niseko.

That’s those like the 62% of snowaction readers who ski 8-20 days a year, which means they inevitably struggle for powder snow fitness.
However much most of us love skiing or boarding, that crazy little thing called life intervenes, and you are doing very well to get into the 8 – 20 days on snow a year bracket.

If you're lucky you'll get a great view of Yotei too © Niseko HANAZONO Resort
If you’re lucky you’ll get a great view of Yotei too © Niseko HANAZONO Resort

Which for most of our down under readers is usually split between some home snow time and an overseas mission up north. Japan tops the pops for Aussies heading north, to the extent that, as we pointed out last year, it’s effectively Australia’s 2nd ski season, or maybe the 1st if you live in Queensland, NT or WA.
Of course powder is the #1 attraction for Japan, but apart from the snow, and gear that makes it easy, it’s the actual going downhill pow-time, fitness and techique that is the big “Bugger!” in the equation.
My advice (honed further after watching wannabees drop into Corbett’s Couloir at Jackson Hole in March) is simple: embrace mediocrity. Make it as easy as you can.

You are not and never will be auditioning for the next Warren Miller movie. You just want to enjoy the buzz of skiing floaty fresh lines

Doing that without being overrun by a hoard of charging powder fiends, who may or may not know much about skiing powder, but will rip it up and not leave anything for those going at a slower pace, is the problem.
So at Niseko if you are not an expert than Niseko Weiss Powder Cats are the ideal solution. They have been creating many happy powder heroes since debut in 2016.

The terrain at the former Weiss ski area is mostly mellow, easy 20 – 30° gradient lines which allow you to get up some speed and confidence as you get the hang of riding powder.
No completion or pressure to get there first means you relax and enjoy the experience.
Sure, it’s too mellow for the gung-ho who prefer steeper and tree lines, but for the silent majority it’s ideal.

Seats on the cats are limited, so if you have you Niseko dates locked in get on and book your Weiss Powder Cats days here

Apart from Weiss Powder Cats another great way to guarantee first tracks here is get out with HPG guided trips and their First Tracks program where you load with the chairs at Hanazono – an hour head start on everyone else.

© Niseko HANAZONO Resort
© Niseko HANAZONO Resort