Brand New White Hakuba Villas Half Jindy House Price!

snow action team 25.05.2023

You can get a brand new White Hakuba Villa less than half the Jindabyne median house price – ¥51,800,000 or around $A 570,000 for the villa, versus $1.515 million plus for Jindy. Go figure!

Yes, forget any backing off in Jindy – according to realestate.com.au the median price is up again, after the tiniest of dips late last year, to have grown 7.4% in the 12 months to April 2023. Even Byron Bay is down 2.6% over the same period – but still a lazy $3 million median!

But Hakuba HAS got cheaper! The new price for White Hakuba No 19 – with a reduction from ¥56,000,000 to ¥51,800,000 – saves an extra ¥4,200,000 (or a handy around AUD $46,000 as at 17/05/23). With the Aussie dollar buying 90 yen it’s a great time to buy up there.

In fact with the price reduction there and never ending increase in Jindy prices it’s getting closer to a 1/3rd of the median, not half.

Anyone who has been to the Hakuba Valley knows the insane amount, quality and variety of terrain and snow options there. And with more flights – Qantas are doubling their Tokyo flights from November – getting there is quickly getting back to as easy as ever.

White Hakuba Villas artists impressions exterior winter
White Hakuba

Insanity has reigned in the Aussie real estate market, nowhere more so then the mountains generally and Jindy specifically – let’s face it, we have endless opportunities for a sea change, but a tiny handful for a snow change.

Sure, Hakuba is a tad further away. But the mountains are more than a tad bigger.

So if you serious about your snow thrills, and looking for an investment that shouldn’t burn a hole in the pocket, then the White Hakuba Villas may well fit the bill. They wouldn’t have to deliver a big return to beat Jindy’s 2.1% (according to realestate.com.au)

These lodges will be operated as a Ski and Snowboard hotel, with a central amenities/adminstration building, so management is taken care of – 6 lodges have been already operated in this way. Similar properties in the cpomplex have been getting excellent reviews on accommodation websites.

Located close to Goryu/Hakuba 47 they are well placed for easy access to the snow yet not as busy as other areas where things can get a little loud like Echoland.

The 114sqm White Hakuba property is fully equipped with fixed 2 semi – double beds and 2 FUTONS (Japanese style room) on 2nd floor. 

Plus you can use one sofa bed and 2 sleeping bags on the 1st floor, so they sleep a maximum of 7-9 people.

One of the development principals, Mike Itaya, lived in Melbourne for over a decade, as a trader who also was a top sports photographer – out of sympathy for other non-Cats supporters we have not run the pic of the 2009 grand final he sent us – 2022 was bad enough!

So he is very familiar with Aussies and our real estate obsession.

There is only one property available still now for occupation this winter in the White Hakuba development, so get on it very soon, it won’t last. Alternatively if you are not quite ready to jump in contact them for the next stage of the Hakuba Villas Hopetree development available from 2024 – there are still 2 left for then.

There is a new price for White Hakuba No 19 too – with a reduction from ¥56,000,000 to ¥51,800,000 – save an extra ¥4,200,000 (around AUD $46,000 as at 17/05/23). So that’s just AUD 570,000 or so at the moment with the Aussie dollar buying 90 yen.

For Aussies it’s really easy to check them out on the website here and contact their Sydney based agent Jun Toyoda jtoyoda@ngps.com.au
from Nichigo Property Solutions Pty Ltd, who have an office in Pitt St.

Jun can give you the lowdown and full details on rentals etc.

White Hakuba living area

More on why you might want to have a place in Hakuba check