Neyuki (heavy snow) hits Niseko, sets up base

snow action team 10.11.2020

It’s neyuki – soft and heavy snow time – in Niseko, with 30-40cm across the mountain there setting things up nicely.

Our friends at Niseko Tourism have the yuki (snow – you knew that!) lowdown.

Time to switch on the road heating … © Niseko Tourism

The snow is soft and heavy which is perfect for forming the base for the resort. In Japanese, this is known as Neyuki “根雪” – the first snow of the winter that becomes the base of the snowpack.

Tanaka-san from Niseko Grand Hirafu and representing Niseko United this year, said this was an excellent start for the season and is looking forward to more snow falling.

“Due to the cold air in Hokkaido, it snowed an unusually large amount in November. Each of the Niseko United ski resorts is scheduled to open at the end of November and start of December, so we’re expecting the snow to continue falling. For now, we want the wet & heavy snow which will be 根雪 (neyuki). We hope that the snow will be as abundant as always, and this will be a winter that all visitors can enjoy.”  – Ryunosuke Tanaka, Grand Hirafu & Niseko United representative.

1oth of November snowfall Ace Quad chairlift at Niseko Grand Hirafu
Looks like they could have fired up the Ace quad at Hirafu today! © Niseko Tourism

Each of the four Niseko ski resorts will open as per the below tentative schedule:

  • Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort: November 28
  • Niseko Village Ski Resort: December 1st
  • Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu: December 5th
  • Niseko HANAZONO Resort: December 5th
Shovel time © Niseko Tourism