New Jackson Hole Mindful Camp big success

snow action team 10.02.2019

Jackson Hole Mindful Camp introduced a whole new concept in skiing and boarding last week. Our roving correspondent Rhylla Morgan was lucky enough to be one of the select few signed up for it.

Meditating on snow as part of the new Jackson Hole Mindful Camp
Getting truly in touch with the moment makes a difference to your skiing too © Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole has a bit of a reputation. Wild. Steep. Deep. And a bit macho. If you are a regular mortal, or have ovaries, all that testosterone can leave you quivering in your boots (unless you are a local legend lady like Jess McMillan – check her story on the link).

But do not be afraid.

Disclaimer up front. I am more comfy on double blues than double blacks. I am more likely to drop my glove than drop a cliff. And I truly, madly, deeply love Jackson Hole. 

I’m also happy to share my secret to finding flow on this looming monster of a mountain –  embracing Jackson’s superb camps.

Yoga excercises on Jackson Hole Mindful Camp
Stretching is a key component © Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Drop into any of their multi-day programs and you will have a blast.  There is nothing like meeting great people, getting the inside scoop on the sweet spots while someone shows you around, and brushing up your skills as you go.

This past week Jackson Hole rolled out something completely new, and is blazing an exciting trail with their Mindful Camp.

I was lucky to be along for this pioneering experiment and have popped out the other side with a renewed connection and appreciation for the moments I spend on skis.

I’m also less freaked out on bumps than I was a week ago!

Hopefully you’ve had those moments on the mountain when you feel in ‘flow’, when you notice the perfection of a single snowflake, when you feel the crisp air in your nose, when you hear the silence, or see that bird soaring high overhead and you forget the emails, the argument from last night and the To Do List for tomorrow. 

That is what this new camp is all about. Being in the moment and free to ski. 

Connie Kemmerer, co-owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, is a sparkling-eyed presence whose bubbling energy defies her 70+ years on the planet, most of them skiing.

A passionate advocate of wellness, meditation and mindfulness she brings over 50 years of practice in this realm to everything she does here.

The Jackson Hole Mindful Camp is a passion project for Connie and she has brought together an alliance of skilled practitioners and coaches that share her enthusiasm for this approach.

This camp will change your skiing and it might even change your life.

This prototype camp was a one-off for this year, but keep an eye on Jackson Hole’s camp page, or even better, email them and let them know you’d like to do it.

The good news is there is a Ski & Snowboard Women’s Week coming up in March.  So book in and come see for yourself or make a plan to come to Jackson next year and join me for what I hope will be the second Mindful Camp.

“This camp will take the spirit of Jackson Hole to a new level as participants reach new heights in their skiing/riding, while discovering a deeper connection with themselves, the mountains and the present moment” says Jan Hoath, Mindful Ski and Snowboard Camp Facilitator, “something that will stay with them forever, and truly, a gift that keeps on giving.”

PS: Blokes are also invited to the Jackson Hole Mindful Camp, and my new ski buddy Mike, who I met on the camp, is already booked to come back for more in 2020.

Find out more –  www.jacksonhole.com

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Feeling the flow © Jackson Hole Mountain Resort