New Digital Parks Passes for KNP from 20 April

snow action team 06.04.2021

NSW National Parks are catching up with technology and finally there will be no more waiting to buy a sticker at the park gates for annual passes.

Rates are also staying the same, which is great news and much needed as tourism related businesses and areas dependent on them like the Snowy Mountains struggle to recover from bushfires and COVID.

Day passes are $29 through winter – so 7 days or more and you come out ahead getting an annual pass (or less and using it at some other fee charging parks during the year).

Bye bye annual parks sticker ..
All Parks Pass
For all fee-collecting parks in NSW, including Kosciuszko National Park.
1-year pass $190 
Seniors $152*
2-year pass $335 
Seniors $268*

Here’s the detail on the new digital annual passes from parks:

From 20 April 2021, visitors can buy a digital pass for annual entry to NSW national parks. The new, user-friendly digital annual passes mean no more waiting for a sticker to display on your vehicle – you can start using your pass straight away.

From 20 April 2021, all full-price, discount and concession annual passes for entry to NSW national parks will be digital passes linked to your vehicle.

The new, user-friendly digital parks passes mean:

  • You can buy your annual pass online from any mobile or connected device. 
  • You won’t have to wait for a physical pass to arrive in the mail – start using your digital pass straight away.
  • Like your NSW car registration or motorway toll pass, your annual pass will be linked to your vehicle number plate and recognised in our system. No more stickers on your windscreen. 
  • Your current annual pass stickers will still be valid until their expiry date, so you’ll need to leave them on your vehicle. When you renew you’ll no longer be sent a physical pass to display. 
  • You’ll be able to renew or manage your annual pass online.

Full details on the NSW parks site on the link here