New Covid Record NSW: 1,029 cases, Regions Stay Shut

snow action team 26.08.2021

Sadly, but predictably there’s a new Covid record for NSW.

For the first time ever in the pandemic, Australia has recorded more than 1,000 cases.

That’s 1029 in NSW, Victoria back up to 80, the ACT looking better (not that one or two days means much as we have all seen so often) at 14.

Queensland another donut. Which shows lockdowns can and do work, when applied early and effectively.

It’s back country or nothing until 10 September at least © Peter Wunder

This was half-joking, hoping it would not be our full season edit, but unless ACT opens it will be

But here we are and no surprises, the lockdown continues in regional NSW until at least September 10.

Don’t get us started on the “With hindsight” line.

This was so totally predictable, we are not Nostradamus but quoting from our May feature –

Despite all the boasting about how wonderful Australia’s COVID performance has been, the bottom line is until we have mass vaccination we are totally vulnerable to a resurgence. Other countries with similar or even better relative COVID numbers – like Singapore and Taiwan – have suffered the economic and human consequences as they were caught unawares by resurgent strains of the virus that now spread more rapidly.

Foresight, not hindsight.

But it didn’t happen in NSW. Which means the chances of lift-accessed skiing resuming this season get more remote.

All you can do to protect yourself meantime and be ready for the much-touted openings up, domestic and international, is get the shots.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is gung-ho and in incredibly difficult circumstances getting ready to re-open for international just as soon as it is allowed.

Meantime get out into the back country if you can. Next system could deliver more epic almost untouched powder for those who can.

For the latest changing NSW restrictions where you live check the link here