Love to shop? Niseko wants you!

snow action team 04.02.2021

Niseko is Japan’s #1 international ski destination, but with no international skiers this year they have launched a new ‘Glamourous Snow’ campaign to attract the local market who love to shop.

Especially upmarket shoppers looking for a luxury winter experience.

So gnarly pow dogs don’t have to worry, not much competition even if the campaign takes off.

Shopping in a snow storm at Niseko
Shop till the snow stops.. © Niseko Tourism

We have often asked Japanese skiers we meet elsewhere what their favourite resort in Japan is, and the answer is usually Niseko. Not usually for the powder, but more for the international vibe – no need to fly to Whistler when you can get international restaurants, bars and resort activities at home.

Of course the more upmarket Niseko gets, the more mainstream less well-heeled international travellers (aka Aussies on budgets) get squeezed out. That process has seen areas like Myoko, Madarao, Nozawa and Hakuba pick up the slack.

It’s the way of the World, like surf spots from Byron to Bali, you can’t stop progress.

But for those who do love to shop (we make no judgements about who that might be, but the campaign images and video feature a female star..) it’s a reminder you can. And pamper yourself along the way.

Like your onsen privacy? © Niseko Tourism

Niseko Tourism Marketing Director Acme Wu says “Due to COVID-19, condos and chalets usually occupied by international celebrities have been left vacant this year, so the video takes a sneak peek at our domestic guests enjoying their stay at these.”

“Because celebrities value privacy, many Niseko properties have their own private indoor or outdoor onsen – the level of luxury has to be seen to be believed. You don’t even need to ski or snowboard to enjoy Niseko these days – there’s plenty more to do on and off the snow, and it’s a dream for anyone wanting to post on social media.”

“This year travelers in Japan have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see why the rest of the world has fallen in love with Niseko, and we are excited to welcome them.”

If you like to ski as well as shop, it’s also the best season in centuries for that. Enjoy if you can.