It’s a snowmaking only start to School holidays

Snowmaking is saving the day – to some extent anyway – for the start of the School Holidays in NSW.

Clear skies, cold temperatures and crucially low humidity for the next few nights at least give snowmakers the best shot to make plenty. Humidity is key. For example, even though it was -2° at Thredbo a couple of nights back humidity was high and no snow could be made.

Thredbo are working hard to get a run open to fire up the Cruiser and make the Gondola a skier lift © Snow Action

The gondola opened with a whimper on Wednesday too, for sightseers only. It has has still yet to carry an official skier with gear.

Word from our Thredbo insiders is that they hope to fire up the Cruiser Chair with at least one run open from tomorrow. Let’s hope so – all those people who waited hours to buy passes to go with long-booked accommodation will be pretty cranky if it isn’t.

Perisher has had Front Valley going since Monday and the snowmakers are making huge efforts to bring more terrain onto the menu – these screen saves show the guns blazing late morning at Mt Perisher and over on Blue Cow – getting Blue Cow open would really help.

It doesn’t look far away.

But in the meantime for this weekend and next week anyone not pre-booked with anything is best holding off till things improve.

Some snow (hopefully snow and not rain) is due later in the week, with 30cm or so next Friday and Saturday which would certainly improve things for the 2nd week of the holidays.

So chill pill this weekend.

The BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) are calling a 50% chance of a La Niña kicking in which normally delivers a wetter, snowier winter. So things could pick up dramatically if that happens.

The BOM is calling some snowlate Wednesday through Thursday; hopefully not much rain with that © BOM