Happy Thredbo Season Pass Back What Will You Pay?

snow action team 03.02.2021

Update 23 Feb: Thredbo latest is their season passes will go on sale “late March” .. still no rates announced. In our reader poll so far 47% have opted for $999 and nearly 20% are OK to pay $1999 or more .. still open to vote here:

With so much pent up demand after last season’s restrictions and no summer skiing at all, plus diminishing prospects for a New Zealand winter option, the sky is really the limit for a 2021 Thredbo Season Pass.

How many available and how much are the big questions.

Don’t expect much or anything in the way of discounts.

One thing 2020 showed was just how in-elastic demand for Thredbo skiing and riding is from Thredbo snow fans.

With just day rates available, not even multi day discounts never mind season passes, and number limits for the available passes, it was a mad online scramble for the tickets on sale. The total cost didn’t seem to affect demand much at all. Nor did prevailing snow conditions later in the season.

When Thredbo is good, it’s very good © Peter Wunder

As we close on Autumn in Australia the demand for getting back on snow is palpable.

A lot of people missed out entirely last winter, and we all missed out over summer. We watch social feeds enviously as big seasons unfold from Japan to North America and Europe. So much snow, so unreachable. It sucks.

For southern winter the New Zealand alternative that’s normally so attractive is still in the too hard basket. Just one case in Auckland in late January was enough for Australia to shut down quarantine-free entry from NZ. Presumably NZ would react similarly if and when quarantine-free entry from Australia is allowed. All states in Australia except NSW have been quick to impose restrictions on other states with just a new case or two. No doubt the same would happen in relation to New Zealand. So you could easily get stuck.

Argentina and Chile will be open again resort wise, but getting a flight? Not a chance.

So realistically it’s a ski at home winter ahead for Aussies.

If you want to get as much in as possible grabbing a season pass is the way to go.

The Epic Australia Pass is far and away the best dollar value for that – offering unlimited riding at Perisher, Hotham and Falls for our season plus plenty more up north for 2020-2021, assuming travel fires up by then.

Presumably most former Thredbo fans who don’t want to pay more than the Epic Oz pass low rate – still only $899 till February 23rd – have already made their decision.

So Thredbo really has no pressing need to price match. Or even to be moderately competitive, at least for 2021. It’s their chance to do a Deer Valley.

Thredbo locals are speculating wildly on just how much they will have to pay.

Guesses we hear range from a “low” $1,200 to $2,000 or more. In recent seasons it was as low as $899.

At a day pass rate around $180 even $2,000 would be attractive if you are going to get more than 12 days in for example.

We have asked Thredbo for any more info beyond what’s available on the website – that they expect to have season passes on sale some time in March.

For example, will last year’s platinum level skiers – ie those who booked the most days under the 2020 pre-book it all system having been 2020 Season Pass purchasers who had those passes cancelled and refunded – have any preferential access to purchase ahead of general purchase, and any discount for their loyalty?

Or will there be the same or similar opportunity for local residents/business owners?

Presumably there will be a limit on total season passes sold, we have asked for confirmation of that.

Likewise everything obviously remains subject to more COVID-control changes if things get worse again. But with Victoria chalking up a 2nd 28 day zero transmission period today, and NSW also tracking well, that is at least pretty unlikely.

Rany Wieman coming out of Cannonball © Owain Price