The Fourth Phase official GoPro Trailer - Travis Rice is back!

snow action team 30.08.2016

The Fourth Phase is the much anticipated new epic from Travis Rice. When we interviewed Travis for Art of Flight and said “Did a snowboarder just make the best ski movie ever?” a few of our diehard 2 plank readers got irritated, but apart from maybe overdosing on the super slo-mo, it was one hell of a snow film.

His new one, “The Fourth Phase,” which tells the story of the iconic snowboarder embarking on a journey to dreamlike landscapes around the North Pacific, discovering more than new terrain premieres in Sydney on Tuesday September 13 with special guest appearance from Red Bull and GoPro athlete, Travis Rice, and then premiering globally on October 2 on Red Bull TV.
The Trailer ain’t too shabby in the meantime:

In a special, first-of-kind global event “The Fourth Phase” will premiere online at 9 p.m. AEST on Sunday, October 2. This one-time, premiere event will be free and can be viewed on Red Bull TV or as an app across devices, wherever they are connected. Tune-in parties are popping up worldwide from big venues and snowboard shops to living rooms and backyards.

“The mechanics of how our winters work have always been intriguing to me,” said Rice. “Creating ‘The Fourth Phase’ brought an incredible group of snowboarders together with the hardest working, most committed production crew in the game, to witness first-hand the many moods of the North Pacific storm engine. The journey was created under the premise that to know something and to truly understand something – you have to become it.”
Initiated in 2013 and captured entirely by in 4K or higher Ultra HD, “The Fourth Phase” carves a fresh path, using an artistic blend of action, story, and cinematography to bring this stunning feature to life. The result is a film for anyone fascinated by the possibilities of adventure, of the natural world – of life.
“We are taking the audience on a real journey with all its ups and downs,” said Jon Klaczkiewicz, the film’s director. “At the film’s core, we are documenting incredible snowboard action in remote corners of the earth, but we are also telling an emotional human story.”
A crew of snowboarding’s most innovative riders including Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, Victor de Le Rue, Ben Ferguson, and more sign on for the epic mission. From untapped terrain in Wyoming’s backcountry, across the Pacific to the Japanese Alps, Russian volcanoes, and spectacularly remote areas of Alaska, the team commits to enduring all that comes with immersing themselves in nature’s cycle.
The film will premiere all around the globe as part of a world tour. Los Angeles is the first stop on the tour with Sydney being the second followed by theatres in Canada, USA, Japan, Russia, France, UK, Austria, Spain, Germany, New York, Colorado, and Wyoming.
“After nearly four years in production, we’re incredibly excited to share this film with audiences around the globe,” said Scott Bradfield, SVP of Production at Red Bull Media House.
Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kishi Bashi’s radiant and uplifting soundscapes guide the audience on an immersive, naturally flowing journey through the film. Kishi Bashi and the crew collaborated on a custom score for “The Fourth Phase” that culminated with a live recording session at Red Bull Studios New York.
“The Fourth Phase” is made possible through the amazing support of film partners including DC, GoPro, Quiksilver, Skullcandy, and Toyota. “The Fourth Phase” is the first sports film to be mastered in Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® combining these advanced image and sound technologies to deliver a truly spectacular experience.