Fit THULE Easyfit chains in 12 seconds!

snow action team 02.07.2013

Now this is smart, especially for regulars in Victoria – high on the Hotham road after a 5 hour drive how about taking 12 seconds to fit your chains?

That’s the equation with adventure brand THULE’s just released, all new award-winning EasyFit Snowchains. Fitted to the wheel in just 12 seconds, the EasyFit’s rigid arch system makes fitting the 9mm chains almost intuitive.

With a simple top to the bottom fit, the EasyFits are wrapped around the top of the tyre, then tightened with the simple downward pressure applied by your foot to the centre-bar’s tensioning pedal. Once the pedal is pressed, the chain automatically slips around the tyre as the car moves off.

And with exactly the same ease, the EasyFit’s external release system means the chain comes away from your wheel just as fast as it went on.

Add anti-scratch bumpers to protect your alloy wheels and a practical, durable storage bag that can be used as a kneeling rug during the oh-so-brief fitting, and you can see why THULE’s EasyFit Snowchains was so heavily awarded on it’s introduction.

Available from leading ski shops in Australia, the EasyFit retails for $499.

Check them out at www.thule.com.au