Falls Creek’s 75th Birthday Festival of Light

In conjunction with Falls Creek’s 75th birthday, the Festival of Light Sculpture has been created to celebrate Falls Creek village. Lighting up Slalom Plaza at night, it depicts all the lodges in the village in order of when they were built, shining onto the snow at night.

Every lodge, in order – what a cool idea! © Falls Creek Resort


It has been 75 years since the first lodge, Skyline, was built in Falls Creek, beginning what has now become the beautiful alpine village we know and love. The sculpture has the image of a chair lift running around the top, paying homage to Hymans chair lift – the first chair lift in Falls Creek built in 1957. Around the bottom of the steel sculpture are cut out silhouettes recognising the mountain peaks of Ropers, Spion Kopje and Mount Bogong, which surround the village and make for the spectacular alpine views. 

Visitors to Falls Creek can enjoy the light shapes projected out onto the snow at Slalom Plaza when it lights up at night. They can spot the lodge where they are staying, displayed in chronological order of the decade in which they were built, wrapping around the sculpture and enjoy the acknowledgement of the built history of Falls Creek village. 

The light sculpture was skilfully crafted for Falls Creek’s unique environment by LASERVISION, a company whose expertise lies in creating unique and unforgettable sensory experiences. 

This sculpture is part of the Festival of Light happening all season long at Falls Creek. The installations, including the Village heart staircase and laser installations light up areas of the village, with a trail winding its way through the village, past an interactive staircase, all the way up to the Village Bowl where, on Thursday nights, the trail concludes with Falls Creek’s famous Fireworks Fiesta! 

“The Festival of Light and the Slalom Plaza Light Tower are celebrations of not just the resorts 75-year history, but the installations also light up destinations across the village, enticing people to walk and explore Australia’s premier alpine village” says Stuart Smythe, Chief Executive Officer.

“The Festival of Light Sculpture not only represents 75 years of history but incorporates elements of nature and art, a beautiful and poignant style of storytelling and showcasing the beauty of the mountain region that is Falls Creek” adds Karen Smythe, Chairperson Falls Creek Historical Society. 

“We are honoured to create such a unique and stunning light sculpture for the iconic Aussie ski fields of Falls Creek” says Shannon Brooks, Chief Executive Officer LASERVISION, who made it happen. “The light beams look almost endless as they reach across the snow and tell the story of Falls Creek. We thoroughly enjoyed creating this one-of-a-kind art piece for this one-of-a-kind destination.“

Check it out in the village soon.

What a great focal point © Falls Creek Resort