Don’t Miss The Last Glaciers At IMAX Melbourne

The Last Glaciers is a big movie in every aspect – telling a key part of the biggest story of our times in a big adventure format on the biggest screen of them all at IMAX Melbourne. Not to be missed if you can get there.

Sharing a confronting insight into the world’s rapidly vanishing glaciers, 2022 TAS Australian of the Year, Craig Leeson’s highly anticipated documentary, THE LAST GLACIERS opens at IMAX Melbourne this October. Leeson risks his life using extreme sports to explore the causes and effects of climate change over an epic four-year stretch across 12 countries.

Spectacular paraskiing is a feature © The Last Glaciers

THE LAST GLACIERS puts the audience literally on the tops of dying glaciers from Antarctica to the Andes. Leeson’s mental and physical capacity is pushed to its limits as he confronts his fear of heights to capture footage of the shrinking ice sheets.

Of course skiers are some of the first to notice the disastrous effects of glaciers dissapearing – like those in Bolivia, who lost their entire (& the what was the World’s highest) ski industry at Chac Altaya outside La Paz a decade ahead of schedule as we reported a few years back.

Using para-alpine skiing, which Leeson learned exclusively for the documentary, the film’s climax sees Leeson undertake an extraordinarily dangerous tandem paraglide from 6,000m. As Leeson and his partner battle the elements for survival, they are starkly juxtaposed by the dying glaciers in the background, also fighting for their survival.

Doing the hard yards in the Himalayas © The Last Glaciers

Through this act of courage, Leeson encourages the audience to consider how they are thinking about and reacting to the climate crisis. Caution and hope intersect as Leeson seeks out the next generation, determined to reverse our climate crisis for their future.
“Glaciers are our life support systems and they are likely to be gone in the next eight decades. I wanted to film them so future generations could see what they looked like and learn from our mistakes” he says.
“Australia’s recent experiences with climate events has fundamentally changed our understanding of this crisis. I want to protect the future of Australians and work with them to give them the tools to reverse the damage caused.”

The film offers a ground-breaking IMAX experience with breathtaking cinematography, shot using ultra-high-definition cameras in some of the world’s most challenging filming locations. The documentary also features original music composed by Grammy®-nominated international musicians Above & Beyond.

Exclusive to IMAX Melbourne, THE LAST GLACIERS opens on Friday October 14 – check the trailer below, book & session time here

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