Carve Reverb helmet snow test: best under $100

snow action team 23.09.2020

Helmet value doesn’t get much better than the new Carve Reverb for $AUD 99.

Our tester Steve Leeder has hammered more helmets than most of us would need in a lifetime, so when he says it cuts it, it cuts it. More great value from Carve, the Aussie company making it big internationally for function, quality and style at affordable prices.

Back country ski touring in the Carve Reverb helmet
Heading out to Watsons Crags – you need a light helmet for BC missions and the Carve Reverb cuts it © Steve Leeder

Helmets aren’t usually something to chance out on and I should know. Putting helmets to the test has become a bit of a thing for me over the last few seasons and this year hasn’t been any different. 

The latest test piece is a pretty light and pretty cool looking option from the guys at Carve.

The most important thing in a helmet is the fit and this one definitely makes it easy. A BOA on the back to “dial” in the fit and really plush lining makes it a helmet that once it’s on you don’t notice it for the rest of the day. 

On the charge © Expedimages

There are two goggle clips on the Carve Reverb that keep the goggles 100% in place much better than the single clip on the back. 

The lip in the front definitely helps keep the goggle fitting perfect with no gap and it protects the goggle foam as well. An extra bonus was that in the rain over the last few weeks I didn’t get any water inside my lenses. And that meant no fog.

Available in black or white


There aren’t heaps of vents, but even hiking up a really long couloir in hot sun I wasn’t getting over heated. The front vents also direct the air straight to the goggle to keep them from fogging up as well. 

As a back country skier weight is always on my mind, and the weight of this helmet is lighter than anything else I’ve tried out lately. 

Now when I said helmets are not to chance out on I mean it. But for under 100 bucks the Carve Reverb seems like the best value on the market. I did have a couple of crashes while out with this helmet on and I will say I felt no impact.

Great value, great buying in stores or off the Carve site here

Carve goggles are also great valuecheck out their photochromatic lens model review and snow test here

Dropping into Watsons Crags testing the Carve Reverb helmet
Steve drops into Watsons Crags (where you definitely want to be wearing a lid!) in the Carve Reverb © Steve Leeder