C4 Belts great for skiing, traveling or just styling

snow action team 02.09.2019

C4 Belts are the best! As we get to the business end of snow season downunder the more you ski and ride the skinnier you get. Forget the oopsie-I-poopsie-my-pants look, get a decent belt for your ski or board pants.

C4 Belt closeup in snow
C4 Belt, best ski pants belt I’ve ever had © Owain Price

Enter C4Belts with their interchangeable buckles and belts and one size fits all approach. Yep, you just cut to fit, clip in the buckle and go.

The straps are made from super durable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic – the same material used in snowmobile tracks. C4 interchangeable buckles are made of a high-impact polycarbonate.

If you like to get out and hike/skin up in the backcountry you’ll appreciate C4 Belt’s comfort and no-chafing © Nick Lawrence

They are completely water resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee.

They have no metal, so you can leave it on going through security at airports too – handy for traveling snow chasers.

Wear C4 Belts through security when traveling
Multi-tasking: out the door, through airport security, handy that © Emma Paine

It’s a great idea not to worry about sizing. C4 Belts come in classic 50″ size to trim down from. Just remember you can always size down from the original cut as you lose weight, but you cant size up again, so allow a little margin for error depending on how you normally go in the waistlines department.

Soft and pliable, they don’t get in the way or annoy you when riding like some belts do. Actually that applies to riding about anything, not just boards and skis – they are big with gymkhana people for example too.

There are so many funky colours and designs available – check the full selection in the online store. You can always change out buckles or straps later. Custom designs can be done for corporate or clubs or whatever as well – we have been styling a Colorado Ski Country one for example. You can do your own custom design run from just 12 belts .. stay tuned for Snow Action C4 Belts at the Snow Expos next year!

But from plain bold colours to Mexican Day of the Dead mask designs there are plenty to choose from already.

In Australia go here to check them out – there are new styles up from $AUD 39 there. Also in a bunch of good snow stores too.

Or worldwide check the international site here.

Order 12 or more C4 Belts and you can upload your own custom design, like this cool Colorado Ski Country one (which I wore upside down being a simple left handed chappie who always does belts back to front .. © Emma Paine