Aussi Dollar Hits 5 Year High Against Japanese Yen!

The Aussie dollar has hit 5 year highs against the Japanese yen soaring to almost JPY 92 in the past few days.

It’s also nearly 50% up on 5 year lows of JPY 62.91 hit this time two years ago, March 2020, at the start of the pandemic.

That was the last time most of us could travel to Japan – like many, Snow Action got back just days before borders shut down and manadatory quarantine set in.

With Australia open to the World again, as soon as Japan opnes up to us you can expect a travel boom with rates like these.

The snow resorts will be expecting a big bounce back from Aussies next winter up there, and if these sort of rates persist, or get even better, than that will be even more true.

Who remembers last time a Pacific Peso bought you 100 yen? Sure made working out prices in Aussie dollars easy when $10 was around Y1,000. It peaked at 105 back in April 2012.

Good news is it’s getting up there again! is our favourite place to check currency rates – their charts offer fast and easy options to view any currency pairs history. is our favourite rates checker site – their charts are an easy way to check any currency pairs history