Aldi Snow Gear Sale Is Back May 20

Great news for all those hanging out to save on snow stuff – the Aldi snow Gear Sale is Back May 20, 2023.

After last year’s covid-supply induced hiatus, when Decathlon stepped into the breach as we told you then – Aldi is back.

Which given Aldi’s massive store presence is huge for everyone looking to save on stuff for themselves or their kids.

Whether you are looking for a full deckout with jackets, pants, thermals, beanies, gloves, sox and more, or just the odd item, you will find something to suit.

After 30 years of editing snow mags we have wardrobes full of gear we have got for demo and testing over the years. But it’s still hard to resist grabbing a top up pair of sox, or beanie.

Aldi snowboard jackets and pants – why rent?

For adults, ski or snowboard jackets for $59.95 & pants $49.95 will be cheaper than renting on snow for a couple of days. Ditto for kid’s at $39.99 and $29.99. We did a more in-depth analysis of the renting vs buying Aldi stuff equation here. For a one-off trip you can hire cheaper below the snowline as we point out. Beyond that, yes, having your own gear is helpful – wish we had had our own stuff instead of renting when we started years ago – just the time saving is a winner.

The core 2023 Aldi snow gear and pricing this year includes:

For exceptional value, hop to the waterproof, breathable and stylish Adult Ski Jackets ($59.99) with matching Ski Pants ($49.99) filled with DuPont™ Sorona® wadding. This powerful, responsibly sourced fibre keeps ALDI’s outer garments insulated, breathable, moisture resistant and heat retentive in freezing conditions. Don’t forget to layer up with a set of Adult’s Thermal Underwear Set ($29.99), Adult’s Merino Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Top ($39.99), and a pair of Adult’s Wool Ski Socks ($9.99). Complete the look with anti-fog Adult’s Ski Goggles ($15.99), Adult’s Knitted Beanie, Snood, or Scarf ($6.99) and Adult’s Thermoboots ($29.99) to kickstart the winter savings.

And don’t forget about the kids! They may be small, but they can still rock the slopes in their matching Children’s Snow Jackets ($39.99) and Snow Pants ($29.99) combo. With pockets and slots galore, pack them up with snacks for those long days out, made even more bearable by making sure they’re got a set of Children’s Ski Thermal Underwear Set ($16.99) and Children’s Merino Long Sleeve Top ($29.99) keeping them cosy.

Aldi kids jackets and pants work out cheaper than hiring if you go for a couple of days Image Aldi

Make sure to grab a set of Children’s Ski Goggles ($15.99), Children’s Snow Gloves or Mittens ($11.99), and Children’s Thermoboots ($19.99), Children’s Knitted Beanie, Scarf, or Neckwarmer($6.99) and a Children’s Ski Helmet ($24.99). For an extra $9.99, why not throw in a Single Rider Snow Sled for hours of fun?

Step it up with INOC®, ALDI’s top of the range “premium ski apparel”, suitable for all seasons. The superior functionality of the garments and accessories in this exclusive range, give you more protection from the elements and maximum comfort. The combination of the Adult’s Premium Ski Shell Jackets ($119.99) and Shell Pants ($99.99) which can be paired with the Adult’s Premium Ski Gloves ($34.99) and Touchscreen Gloves ($9.99) underneath is the ultimate winter package.

Aldi’s top tier INOC shell jackets are $119.99

Aldi’s tips to successfully shop the ALDI Snow Gear Special Buys:

  • Know your sizes: Check out the ALDI catalogue and get familiar with the items you want and the sizing you need before you head in store. Take a look at the Snow Gear Hub on the ALDI website for more details and handy size guides.
  • Set the alarm clock! ALDI’s Snow Gear Special Buys go on sale on Saturday 20 May. Make sure to come early if you’re eager to be one of the first to get your hands on these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it deals.
  • Chill Out (see what we did there): While we are happy that customers are excited for our Special Buys, for their own safety and the safety of our employees, as always we ask everyone to respect others both in and outside of our stores while shopping. Remember to follow the directions of our store teams and show cooperation, patience, and understanding when shopping at ALDI.
  • Don’t forget the money back guarantee: ALDI’s returns policy has got you covered. Customer who aren’t completely satisfied can return products for a refund or replacement within 60 days. Simply bring the product back to any ALDI store with proof of purchase and product packaging and ALDI’s friendly staff can offer a refund or replacement.

Our own Aldi Snow Gear sale tip is if you can, try and go to a less up-market suburbs area Aldi. Sad to say, but we have seen the worst snow sale behaviour – like a lady carrying a massive handful of kid’s gear to the checkout to throw it down there and sort the right size for her special child and leave a big mess while others missed out (this was Edgecliff in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs) vs friendly people helping each other out to find the sizes etc they need. Apart from an insatiabe Aldi sock urge, we have decked out lots of grandkids in Aldi gear over the past 15 years or so.

Also for sizing, especially in jackets and more so in the INOC range, allow room – like get an XL not an L etc.

Have fun. Anything that makes getting to the snow and enjoying it a tad cheaper is welcome here.

You can never have too many Aldi ski socks we say .. $8.99