Affordable On Snow? Use The Lodge Experts!

snow action team 30.05.2022

Affordable on snow accomodation in Australia is almost an oxymoron – hey it costs an arm and a leg everywhere, right? Well, not neccessarily. Members of ski lodges access member rates. So whoopy-do, lucky for them you say. But wait, there’s more: a lot of lodges actually have plenty of spare accommodation they let out at reasonable rates to non-members.

Good to know, harder to know what to do about it.

The trick is finding what suits you, and your family/friends needs, when you want to go.

You don’t have to be lodge members to enjoy the lodge snow holiday lifestyle and rates! © Alpine Accommodation & Travel

Enter the lodge accommodation experts, Jennifer and Lindsay Hynes at Alpine Accommodation & Travel – who draw on 25 years experience in the Victorian snow fields to provide quick, expert advice to sort your needs across Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek & Mt Buller for the full on-snow experience, plus the sub-alpine towns of Bright, Harrietville, Omeo & Mansfield for an even cheaper off-snow alternative.

Because they have worked with the businesses in these areas for years, including through the dark days of 2020 and 2021, they are well placed to know them inside out.

Ski Lodge accommodation varies from luxe catered to share facility basic, with pretty much everything in between. Finding the match between your budget, your needs and availability is where they excel. They also offer a great range of apartments and chalets too.

Family friendly lodge in Hotham? Check. Couples getaway in Falls? Check.

First timers to snow off-mountain? Check.

Pegasus Lodge © Alpine Accommodation & Travel

Of course there’s a lot that goes with accommodation to make up a snow trip. Most of which the experienced regulars take for granted.

“For many of our client’s it is their first trip to the snow and for these newbie’s it can be extremely overwhelming” says Jen Hynes.

“Between arranging accommodation, ski hire, lift passes, transport.. The list can feel never ending. This is where we can help, being able to break down the planning process by prioritising what needs to be locked in first and then in turn being able to support our on mountain businesses by connecting our clients with their services. This can seriously help reduce our client’s stress levels, so they can arrive to the mountain excited for their holiday with everything sorted, rather than stressed.”

Options cover the range from budget to luxe © Alpine Accommodation & Travel

Happy first time snow trippers translate into regular snow enthusiasts, and the businesses they work with recognize that.that especially applies to the lodges, which are run by members who have other, busy lives to worry about.

“We have built a solid relationship by working closely with the on-mountain businesses and lodges. Many of our clients have never stayed in a lodge and often actually didn’t realise they could until we provided them their personalised quotes” Jen says. 

“To be able to help these guest and families to experience a true lodge experience is such a great feeling. Some of these clients now book the same lodge year after year, as they have met other families who stay in that lodge the same dates each year and become friends.”

Unlike most booking portals that are all about a quick online transaction and scant person to person inter-action, Alpine Accommodation & Travel prioritise customer service.

“We have built our business on customer service, mountain knowledge and providing personalised quotes.”

“When our guests call they speak to me – a real person who has kids just like them. Who has had those late night drives up the hill.”

They can also help with odd nights free that lodges often have due to the way their member bookings fall – they work with the lodges to be able to supply spot bookings, so if you have some flexible dates email Jen and get a quote.

The on snow rates in particular may surprise you – in a pleasant surprise way!

We love supporting local snow businesses here at Snow Action, from the snow shops to the accommodation providers to the service operators. Alpine Accommodation & Travel sure fit that bill.

Check out their website and get in touch soon

With the early snow coming and the end-of-lockdowns effect bookings are strong pretty much everywhere in the mountains.


Kalyna Lodge © Alpine Accommodation & Travel