Zermatt re-opens for summer skiing!

snow action team 08.06.2020

Zermatt re-opened Saturday for summer skiing and activities almost 3 months after things had to shut down early for the winter season due to COVID-19.

Summer skiing in Zermatt is a lot of fun. It was even true back in 1990s that Zermatt offered more summer vertical drop than Australia does in winter – 3000 or so vertical feet in fact! Which was a great bit of trivia.

Sadly global warming has shrunk the glaciers there however. These days the runs are not quite so extensive, but there are still wide open groomed trails, race lanes and park features to hit.

Zermatt used to boast more summer vertical than Australia has in winter; still not too shabby! © Michael Portmann / Zermatt Tourismus

It’s a shame there are no flights yet, but hopefully they won’t be that far away. Switzerland (along with much of Europe) is moving quickly to re-open borders and encourage a summer tourism season.

Borders open from Switzerland to visitors from all EU / EFTA states and the UK from June 15.

Summer skiers and snowboarders in Zermatt village

This is the detail from Zermatt on their newly re-opened summer activities:

Since 6 June, all leisure and entertainment businesses and tourist attractions have been able to reopen and events for up to 300 people have been allowed to take place. The requirement being that a set of precautionary measures is in place. If close contact occurs, the contact details of those concerned are to be taken in order to be able to trace the chain of transmission. Furthermore, everyone involved must be able to observe the rules on hygiene and social distancing. The rules are:

  • Keep a distance of 2 meters to other people
  • Wear a mask if you can’t keep your distance
  • Observe hygiene rules

Open from 15 June:

  • Borders to all EU/EFTA states and the UK

Still prohibited:

  • Sports competitions involving close physical contact
  • Gatherings in public of groups of more than 30 people
  • Events with more than 300 people

We rate Zermatt as one of a handful of resorts we are happy to call the World’s Best – you can check the full lowdown on that here. But if you happen to be in Europe next year in summer or autumn, no need not to ski then either.

Zermatt resort info ; Swiss tourism info www.MySwitzerland.com ; packages www.skimax.com

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Summer skiing on the wide open glacier © Michael Portmann / Zermatt Turismus