Winter is coming! Get Ready with Skier's Edge T7

snow action team 10.02.2021

Winter is coming back fast downunder and since we all missed summer skiing up north, plus a lot of us missed last winter too, we are seriously lacking ski fitness.

Enter Skier’s Edge, the ultimate ski fitness tool used by the World’s best ski teams and thousands of regular skiers for over 30 years. Nothing else simulates real skiing and works the real muscles you need to ski work like Skier’s Edge.

Skier's Edge T7
Be ready with a T7 © Skier’s Edge

The latest incarnation, the Skier’s Edge T7, steps things up to offer an even better, more stable platform.

They put it this way:

“We’ve taken the best selling machines of the past 30 years and re-engineered them top to bottom. Featuring our all-new powerband configuration that’s enhanced with more bands creating more safety, better performance and amazing feel. The increased size of the steel base and carriage make for a more stable platform for intense workouts and quick movements.

Designed with the skier in mind, the new T7 combines premium quality construction with precise lateral movements to perfectly simulate skiing. There’s nothing like the T7 on the market. Customize your machine to fit your goals and feel better than you’ve ever dreamed!”

Skier's Edge T7 in a loungeroom
No lounging about with one of these at home © Skier’s Edge

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Skier’s Edge have a limited production and they generally sell out.

The T7 comes with the All Mountain Master Platform (AMM), a versatile, easy to use base that simulates different styles of skiing. Skiers develop power and endurance in addition to building a solid cardiovascular foundation. The AMM features 6 adjustable settings – ranging from a narrow mogul stance to a wide carving stance, plus a single leg setting. You can easily adjust stance settings in 2-3 minutes between skiers using it or for your own variety.

In North America Skier’s Edge machines have become popular for ice hockey and other sport cross training as well – keen tennis and golf players will appreciate the strength and flexibility improvements also.

The Australian importers have only 2 Skier’s Edge T7 models left until more stock becomes available, so if you’re quick you can take advantage of $AUD 500 off the $4,990 regular price tag and get one for $4,490.

For a keen skier who skis at home and does an O/S mission over southern summer that provides many years of being ski fit ready for those trips, and so able to get maximum value from them.

Injury risks are also reduced. Dedications and testimonials are numerous, from legends like the just retired Ted Ligety, to Sydney skier and News Producer Vanessa Graham, who wrote up her Skier’s Edge experience for us back in 2017 with the T5 model which is still going strong for her and husband Kel. They reckoned on at least 10 years use out of it, and with a super busy lifestyle that means maximising time off work they have appreciated the benefits.

To find out more/purchase check skiedgefitness.com.au just fill out the contact details there to access their special deals etc.

Swiss Ski team with Skier's Edge machine
Good enough for the Swiss Ski Team © Skier’s Edge