Warren Miller's Timeless Iso-Beater Live Stream Event

snow action team 26.04.2020

For tens of thousands of skiers and boarders winter isn’t winter without the pre-season movie celebration from Warren Miller to get together and get frothy for the season ahead with your mates and family. For 70 years that tradition has been building, an incredible feat in itself.

So just because we are in iso squashing the curve and killing the virus doesn’t mean missing out – Warren Miller downunder invite you to come together to carry on the legacy in 2020 with a mega Timeless live stream event on Saturday May 16.

The cost is $20 per device/household for the event which will also give you FREE access to stream Warren Miller’s 2019 film Face of Winter & 2018 film Line of Descent and 90 days free access to the Adventure+ Platform.

In addition to this, the live event will be accessible to watch for 48 hours, so you can re-watch the movie the next day or do your in-house iso snow party on Sunday instead if you can’t do Saturday.

People that register for the live event will have the chance to enter a prize draw on the night and a national sweepstake to win gear, swag, and ski trips.

Volkswagen presents Warren Miller’s Timeless is more than a ski and snowboard film — it’s an experience 70 years in the making. Sure, every freerider and talented kid with a GoPro can make their own movies too, and we get bombarded with endless sponsors’ footage online these days.

Warren Miller Timeless Swiss segment, boarders hiking knife edge ridge in Switzerland
Swiss session © Rob Kingwill / Adventureentertainment.com

But the Warren Miller mix has always gone beyond just the skiing and riding. 70 years on and it continues to do so,

with a cast of fresh faces, inspirational locales, plenty of laughs and camaraderie, and a classic blend of the new and old.

“It’s incredible, looking at the fact that this is number 70,” says narrator and Winter Olympic champion Jonny Moseley.

“Every year I still get that same feeling I got when I was a kid watching ski movies. I enjoy watching them now more than ever, and that is what Timeless celebrates.”

Where eles? Jackson Hole © Chris Figenshau / Advertureentertainment.com

From the mountains of British Columbia, across the steeps of the Colorado Rockies, to the rooftop of the European Alps, Timeless explores winter stoke around the globe.

Along for the ride are more new athletes than ever before, including female phenom and Jackson Hole’s 2019 Queen of Corbet’s Caite Zeliff, Olympic mogul skier Jaelin Kauf, Baker Boyd, Connery Lundin, Austin Ross, and Canadian World Cup ski racer Erin Mielzynski.

Plus, returning to the screen are industry veterans Rob DesLauriers, Lorraine Huber, Tyler Ceccanti, Marcus Caston, Amie Engerbretson, and Forrest Jillson, as well as ski legend Glen Plake.

So get your iso crew together and lock in for your Timeless Iso Snow Party – at $20 it’s a steal, and in truth a more fun way to spend your Saturday night than watching Moving to the Country ..

More info and bookings on the link here.

Chamonix pow session Warren Miller's Timeless
Chamonix pow © Cam McCloud / Adventureentertainment.com

Remember, the $20 deal includes 90 days access to Adventure Entertainment who distribute world class film content that is guaranteed to leave you breathless and inspired. Their experience includes distribution of feature films such as the Academy Award winning FREE SOLO and world-renowned annual film tours and festivals such as WARREN MILLER, REEL ROCK, HEAVY WATER, THE DAWN WALL, TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH, MOUNTAINFILM ON TOUR, EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR, INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FILM TOUR and more. They also own and operate the WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR and RUNNATION FILM FESTIVAL. 

Adventure Entertainment works with film makers including the likes of Red Bull Media House and National Geographic and distributes through leading cinema chains around the world including UCI, EVENT and Village cinema chains. Theirdistribution network includes Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Western Europe, UK and North America.