Walk the Talk: Uniden’s uh35 series pocket walkie talkies

snow action team 30.11.2015

Xmas presents anyone?
Uniden’s colourful UH35 series UHF two-way handheld radios combine performance, robust design and ease-of-use for better group communication.
Available in triple and quad packs, the ultra-compact, shock resistant and temperature tested radios are perfect for hiking, camping, skiing and cycling or just hanging out in the urban jungle. With access to up to 80 channels, they’re affordable and reliable, particularly in locations where there is little to no mobile phone coverage, with superior range and more efficient battery performance when compared with standard UHF radios in the market. The UH35 series operates up to 20 hours and can communicate across a range of up to three kilometres.
Auto Squelch blocks out low level hissing noises for a stronger incoming signal and clearer messages.
Other convenient features include an LCD screen, Auto Battery Save to conserve power when in standby mode and a Battery Level indicator.
SnowAction road tested these in Patagonia this past southern winter and they work great – super easy to use, good distance coverage, clear and very handy staying in touch – and so small they are easy to take on the road anywhere that allows their use (Japan doesn’t); a family could have a lot of fun with them too keeping in touch with the kids skiing around big mountains.

UH35-3 triple pack, colours include lime, blue & orange $A 79.95
UH35-4 quad pack, colours include pink, lime, blue & orange $A 99.95
Available from leading specialist electrical retailers.
stockists 1300 366 895 or www.uniden.com.au