Victorian Backcountry Festival back at Hotham September 3, 4, 5

snow action team 01.06.2021

Australia’s favourite back country snow event, The fourth Victorian Backcountry Festival will happen at Mt Hotham over September 3, 4 and 5. Well, barring more COVID insanity it will .. perhaps we will mostly be vaccinated by then!

BC frothers at the 2020 Festivel, Mt Loch © Victorian Backcountry Festival

Festival organiser Cam Walker said “Last winter was tough for snow lovers and mountain businesses. We know that sales of backcountry gear went through the roof in 2020 but because of lock down, not many people were able to enjoy time in the mountains. The backcountry festival is a great opportunity to learn the skills you need to get into the backcountry safely. In 2021 we look forward to hosting a fun, diverse and family friendly community gathering in the Hotham resort and sidecountry.”

Festival organiser Anne Chiew said “The event will follow the format of previous years, with a range of free and paid tours, covering most aspects of human powered backcountry adventure, from snow shoeing to ski mountaineering. There will be workshops and a demo village. Many local businesses will be providing tours, food and venues. We hope to help inject extra cash into the mountain communities who have done it so hard after fires and long lockdowns.”

The General will be the festival HQ once again, and it has been extended to three days to allow people to attend more tours and workshops. Alpine Access Australia is offering two day avalanche safety courses before and after the festival, and there will be a four day trip for people wishing to push their experience into higher and more difficult terrain immediately after the festival. There will be lots to do for non skiers and riders who just want to enjoy being in the mountains.

A highlight will be the ski in outdoor bar at Village Lookout, which will be supported by Bright Brewery.

The speaker’s program will occur over two days, with four key streams:

·      Women in the backcountry

·      Environment

·      Inspiration and beauty

·      Backcountry skills and safety

The draft tours and workshops program and speaker’s program will be launched soon. Keep an eye on the website for details and updates. Registration for the festival will open in mid June.