TNF Launch Mountain Development Scholarship

snow action team 17.04.2023

The North Face Mountain Development Scholarship for the Australian Alpine Academy launched today.

Hosted by Climbing the Seven Summits.  The Mountain Development Scholarship aims to break down barriers to entry in the outdoors, enabling exploration for mountaineers from all walks of life.

Here’s the lowdown from TNF:

We’re excited to offer scholarships for two people to attend the Australian Alpine Academy in 2023, which focuses on teaching the fundamentals of mountaineering and backcountry travel to prepare for bigger, more technical objectives abroad.

If there is someone in your life who would benefit from the opportunity to attend a course in 2023, we’re asking you to nominate them for a scholarship to participate in one of the following:

  • Australian Alpine Academy — Introduction to Mountaineering (10th – 13th August 2023)
  • All Women’s Australian Alpine Academy — Introduction to Mountaineering + Winter Summit Ascent of Mt. Kosciuszko (23rd – 26th August 2023)

Who should you nominate?

This scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity to someone who has faced barriers in gaining entry into the world of mountaineering or achieving their mountaineering goals, whether due to financial hardship or inequality of opportunity.

You can find out more about the scholarship here.