Support Our Snow Shops #1 Belconnen Ski ‘n Board

After two years of pandemic it’s more than ever time to support our local snow shops. Snow Action are, supplying issues to lots of local snow stores so they can let their clients grab a copy free. We’ll be profiling a bunch of great local stores here.

Like Belconnen Ski ‘n Board in Canberra’s best mini-city, Belco.

Drop in and grab a copy off the crew at Belconnen Ski ‘n Board while they last © Snow Action

Have a problem with your Amazon delivery, don’t expect to iron things out personally with Jeff Bezos.

But ever have a drama with your purchase at Belconnen Ski ‘n Board and you CAN chat to owner Steve Chait about it.

Steve has been running the show for 40 years this winter, which is an awesome record. It also shows you can survive against the big-box, online mega monster stores too.

Service is one key to that. We were actually customers of Steve’s way back in those early years, when as beginners renting local saved us time for our precious, and infrequent, day trips to the snow. You could rent the day before and bring back the day after then, and you still can. Which saved time at the snow and money vs on-snow rentals. In fact the first item of ski equipment we ever bought were some roof racks to make renting easier. A decade or so later we dragged Steve out as one of our Max Vert Challenge skiers seeing how far you could ski on a day pass at Thredbo. As a former national team racer he managed a few more top-to-bottom laps than me!

You can also purchase a great range of gear, and benefit from Steve and the team’s advice. Boot fits to skis and boards to gear, it’s all there, with a personal touch.

When we dropped the new issue in he was too busy with clients to chat, as recent cold fronts concentrate the minds of Canberra punters.

Drop in soon and grab a copy, and check out the new season gear.

What’s hot this year mate, we asked?

“The Salomon S Pro 120 is great for a lot of skiers” he says.

Cheers and congratulations on the first 40 years in snow business, huge effort!

Great all rounders the S Pro 120s © Snow Action