Thule deliver new 'Perspektiv' super pack

snow action team 10.04.2014

Seen the new Thule Perspektiv Backpacks?

This baby is awesome! Snow Action road tested it through Japan-Costa Rica-Japan again for 2 months of snow to jungle to surf and back to snow, carrying the office (in the built in laptop pouch), the camera gear, all the cords, and, when doing the business in J-land, we had the shovel and probe aboard too. Basically it saved us lugging separate ski/avi packs & camera/gear packs and a laptop bag.

Features like the document pouch on top, the pop out rain cover, the way it slots into most aeroplane luggage bins, and general toughness, comfort to wear, and sheer useability, make it a hands down Smart Stuff winner for 2014. In select stores. $429