Still No Skiing With Canberra ‘Freedom Day’

UPDATE: What a difference a day makes: The ACT Government changed policy overnight, opening up no restrictions travel for the vaccinated to surrounding NSW – the Snowy Mountains plus the South Coast and Highlands added to the areas Canberrans can travel too.

So skiing is back on the menu ! Shame they didn’t tell us Friday to plan for the weekend..

This is the new update from today –

Travel to NSW

From 12:00 noon, Saturday 16 October 2021 ACT residents can travel to the approved border region postcodes for any reasons without the need to quarantine upon return to the ACT under the standing exemption.

There are no quarantine requirements upon returning to the ACT unless you are identified as a close contact from a NSW exposure location, or you are coming from a COVID-19 affected area outside of the approved border postcodes.

ACT residents must abide by NSW Health Directions when in NSW, including the need to be fully vaccinated before you travel and check in where required.

If you intend to visit any of these postcodes, please ensure that you have the Proof of Vaccination required by NSW Government. Information on these requirements can be found on the NSW Government website.

Yesterday’s story –

Freedom days are not created the same, and if you thought Canberra’s version would let you go skiing from 15 October think again.

On the bright side, NSW has opened up to the ACT.

And the ACT has added the mountains post codes to their “border areas” you are allowed to go to without quarantine requirements on return.

But then there’s the fine print – which does not include excercise, recreation etc which would allow you to get in some back country skiing while the snow lasts.

Travel to NSW must be in line with NSW public health restrictions.   If ACT residents are seeking to enter the border region the standing exemption provides they can do so for the following reasons:

  • undertake work in the surrounding NSW region (as permitted under NSW public health orders),
  • access childcare or school, including boarding schools, early childhood education and care and out of school hours care (as permitted under NSW public health orders),
  • access health care services,
  • child access arrangements,
  • provide or receive care and support to or from another person,
  • visit another household (as permitted under NSW public health orders),
  • fulfil any legal obligations,
  • attend a wedding or a funeral (as permitted under NSW public health orders),
  • essential animal welfare (e.g. to feed pets or livestock that live elsewhere),
  • inspect a potential new residence,
  • move between a residence and a new principle place of residence,
  • assist with or participate in an investigation or other action by a law enforcement agency.

If you travel outside the border region, you are required to complete an exemption form prior to re-entering the ACT.

From October 29 unless restrictions change again you will be OK to go .. let’s hope there’s still some snow

Check the latest details onthe ACT govt link here

It’ll be shorts weather by the time Canberrans are allowed to cross the Snowy again .. © Bruce Easton