Spring has sprung! It’s bike and ski time crew..

It’s bike and ski time crew! Sure, the lifts are closing soon at Perisher (they already did a while back everywhere else) but who cares says Steve Leeder, who has speedy access to the goods sussed..

Mountain biking up the Charlotte Pass road to go back country skiing
Hit the road, hit the snow .. © Steve Leeder

Back country skiing in the spring is the best. Long days, great snow and it ain’t cold. The one problem can be access. So what’s the easiest way to get to the snow? 

Well for $42 you can join the queue over at Thredbo and ride the chair up to Eagles Nest and head out.

Or dig your pushy out and ride out. The road to Charlottes Pass stays closed every year until around the long weekend (it’s open now), but that road is clear usually much before then.

With so much snow on The Paralyser and Guthrie’s Ridge still you can’t not go, and the hours of hiking up the road sounds almost as much fun as a root canal right?

Mountain Bike riding with skis past Spencers Creek
Sure beats hiking this road © Steve Leeder

Don’t have a bike with you?

No worries, the rad crew from Sacred Ride in Jindabyne rent bikes all year round. Fortunately I keep my bike ready to roll all the time so yesterday when I had a client that was really keen to get as many turns as possible I said dig your bike out and I’ve got an adventure for you.

We parked in the car park of Perisher Resort and loaded our skis onto our packs and off we went. 

Still plenty of snow out there in October © Steve Leeder

Less than half an hour later we had our bikes locked up and we were stepping into our skis at Guthrie’s Ridge. I can’t ski out there in the middle of winter and half the trip was just rolling so our legs easily have enough juice for at least an extra lap. 

Sun was shining and the turns were definitely plenty. Our last lap was an epic surf back down to our bikes. No more skiing just a very cruzy ride back to the Man From Snowy River and a couple ice cold Jindy Golds.  

Combining your 2 fave sports into one day.. Priceless!

Time for a Jindy Gold at the Man © Steve Leeder

Once you get a taste for bike and ski access there are no limits – check out how they do it in NZ here:

And when the snow is all gone try this