Slow Progress For Japan’s Reopening, Japow On Hold

Not a lot of joy so far post-elections: it’s still slow progress for Japan’s re-opening. Japow is still on hold for international visitors – unless they are business travellers anyway.

Some quarantine easing for business travel is expected soon, and a rise in the quotas for international daily visitor arrivals.

These are welcome small steps, but very small steps in the scheme of things. Especially the visiting Japow lover scheme of things.

Japow is still off the menu except for business travellers
Would sooooo love to be back at Tenji soon with local guru guide Mike Harris from © Owain Price /

The newly re-elected LDP government is expected to reduce the quarantine period from 10 to 3 days for most vaccinated people arriving in the country for business purposes from as early as next Monday, 8 November.

“Under the new rules, business people arriving in Japan will be asked to self-quarantine for 3 days. On day four onwards, they will be allowed to use public transportation and dine out, once they test negative for the virus. But the companies they are doing business with will need to be keep track of them” government broadcaster NHK reports.

In addition, the quota for arrivals will rise from the current 3,500 daily to 5,000 daily later in the month.

Good as far as it goes, but nowhere close to allowing you to book a snow trip to Japan with any confidence yet.

Infection levels have continued their dramatic decline from their August peaks, so they should not be a barrier.

Before we get too critical, remember Australia has opened up to outbound travel from the 1st of November (ex-NSW, Victoria and the ACT), but not quarantine free inbound, except for citizens and permanent residents/close family members.

For those keen to book a snow holiday soon for the northern winter the accessible options are Canada, USA, and the main euro options like Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. We thought Canada was the best option as things stood in mid-September and that remains the case today.

Of course, outbound travel and arrival almost anywhere requires full vaccination and almost certainly pre-flight testing.

For the Japanese Government official advice check the details on the link here.