Ski of the day: DPS Wailer 112

snow action team 30.04.2013


Not so mellow yellow, the DPS Wailer 112s rock according to guest road tester Jay Kelly who also caught a neat self portrait from Cortina – that’s Cortina, Hakuba, one of Snow Action’s favourite places – recently. We sent the A-Team there to get the full lowdown, and some amazing pics, and that’s all upcoming in the 2013 Travel Bible issue. Meantime, back to the Wailers –

“When first given the opportunity to ski these space ships, I was like just give me the Wailer 99’s, I need an edge on the groomers too. So I took the Wailer 112mm and to my surprise these things rocked on the groomers. By no means are they a race ski but their torsional stiffness allows them to edge exceptionally well on the hard pack (way better than I expected) and when you get them in the fresh,WOW. I’ve worked as a ski tester and know the good from the bad and the ugly. These puppies are the real deal.

I skied them first in Australia on the groomers and thought they were a great ski, took them to Japan and holy crap they blew my mind. From hard pack to beer gut deep these things just put a smile on my face all day long. I had a 184cm and it skied a tight 16m ish radius on the groomers and was an effortless blast in the pow. I had some of the runs of my life on these skis and after a truck load of seasons in Australia and overseas that pretty much tells you how good these skis are and how good Japow is”.

lengths 168, 178, 184, 190 profile 141-112-128 radius 15-18m