Ski of the day: Armada AR7

snow action team 29.04.2013


The Armada AR7 is back for 2013-14 with a typically out there piece of artwork on the topsheet but at heart remains unchanged. Young Aussie freeskier Hamish Young has been road testing the AR7 from Perisher of Mammoth, only just finishing up a long season there last week. He filed this report.

If you’re looking for a really fun ski to ride the mountain on, and you’re over the typical heavy race ski, the AR7 should be perfect for you. The ski is a perfect all round ski, it doesn’t matter what your skiing ability is, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced skier. Anyone can ride it. If you are riding the terrain park, it is a great ski for both rails and jumps, it gives the stability for the jumps and the softness for rails and butters. I really enjoyed this ski, I’ve skied everything and they do a job great. I myself usually ski park and if you love to ski rails, they have double reinforced edges to hold up a little bit longer when you’re hitting those dodgy rails. And when you’re hitting those big park jumps in the morning, they hold up a treat. A great ski for everyone!

Specs:  Lengths 161-166-171-176-181 Profile 119-86-109 @ 176 Radius 20.5m @ 176

That’s him back on home turf at Perisher early last winter.