Silk Athlete, Asian original

snow action team 10.11.2013

Asia’s original fabric is perfect for snow!

Anyone who has ever worked up a sweat skiing or boarding knows next-to-skin is the most important layer of all.

So it really should be your first snow clothing purchase, not your last, and the new Silk Athlete range has to be your first place to look.

Forget all those synthetic or chemically treated fibre products claiming to be “wrinkle free”, “wicking”, “dry fit” etc. Polyester fabric – 80% of all sport clothing is made from it, as used by every major sport brand – is essentially a passive, plastic coating covering your skin. The chemicals put onto polyester yarns to make textiles and clothing perform as the brand promises – to wick, not smell, feel soft and have any thermal properties – can be harmful for you and the environment when absorbed through the skin and/or lungs, be irritants for allergies & rashes, and pollute waterays with residues like silver from PET.

Which begs the question, why?

When for 4,000 years Asians have been using the most natural, sensual and gorgeous fabric on the planet, silk.

The team at Silk Athlete asked the question, and found the answers, developing their technology over 3 years to deliver a stunning new range that works like nothing we’ve tried before.

Snow Action road tested it over the past southern winter, including in extreme conditions high in the Andes of South America, and we were hooked.

“This is what you want to be wearing next to skin skiing powder in the trees!”

enthuses Editor Owain Price.

Silk Athlete gear is so good it’s a no brainer for our ‘Smart Stuff’ Gold Medal this issue.

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