All Rounder Skis 2012-2013

snow action team 05.10.2012

If you can’t afford more than one set of skis you need versatility, and this category provides that – some with more powder capabilities, some with park possibilities, all capable of frontside as well as backside skiing. Our road testers ranged from teenage park rats to middle aged powder fiends. Here are some of the best, and best illustrations of the versatility available – for the full story check our 2012 Buyers Bible app or print issues.

Armada El Rey by Ryley Lucas

“Positive camber park ski that has the ability to smash out groomers and all mountain skiing as well. The El Rey’s solid stance combined with its lightweight core allows for landing big jumps and hitting tight rails. After only a few runs on them I was more than confident to start pushing myself. The El Rey takes the two best characteristics of a park ski and an all mountain ski, and combines them without their drawbacks. Usually my skis get pretty banged up due to damage on rails, but the El Rey hasn’t had any trouble with that, the durable edges and hard, but relatively fast base make it a very tough ski. They do everything and they do it well .. that makes them my preferred skis to date.”

Trad camber twin tips at a great price for all mountain skis to take you into the park as well, the wider platform especially useful there when it gets soft – so great downunder. Light and lively cap over wood core construction for easy turns all over, yet durable enough to be popular for demo rentals.

l 157-164-171-178-185 p 123-87-113 @ 178 r 19 @ 178

Black Diamond Verdict by John Morrell

“ The Verdicts are no brainers. They are part of the new breed of skis with a rockered tip, which makes turn initiation a breeze. The blurb claims they are great all round for piste busting & powder. No piste in the Tokachi, it’s all powder where they absolutely rock. Tight tree lines, open glades and terrain features, they suck it all up. Rocker changes the equation, reduces the importance of camber even further than classic wide skis. Oh yeah and the fat 134 mm tip keeps you on top, it’s like adding floaties.”

Power to burn inbounds on hard snow with solid  ‘3D’ titanal sandwich construction and a semi-rocker tip to smash through crud and slush. Suit good skiers who spend most time at resorts where varied conditions are common, but also love an excursion into the back or sidecountry when they get the chance.

l 170-180-190 p 132-102-120 @ 170 r 22m @ 170

Blizzard Bonafide

Boasting Blizzard’s new ‘Flip Core natural rocker bamboo core in a versatile shape to suit all over downunder or anywhere, these are compelling one ski quiver contenders for aggressive freeriders. Great stability at speed, super float, yet light and playful. Big award winners, it’s technology well worth trying soon.

l 166-173-180-187 p 133-98-118 r 21m @ 180

Dynastar Cham 97

Team riders scooped 1st & 3rd at the World Freeride Championships on the Cham 107, but the 97 will suit a wider range of skiers. Versatility is key with tip rocker, camber & 5 point sidecut to carve it up or float, cruise or charge, good for strong intermediates up. When you do press the pedal, they respond.

l 162-172-178-184 p 133-97-113 r 16m @ 17


Elan Amphibio Waveflex 88 XTi

In a world of imitation Elan’s Amphibio system of rocker outside / camber inside edge (with a left/right ski therefore) offers a unique edge, quite literally: you get easy engagement from the rocker side into a turn, with full length grip driving through the turn on the inside edge. The big 88 version suits all mountain skiers.

l 180 p 136-88-116 r 15.5 @ 180

Line Chronic by Watkin Mclennan

“Get the Chronic and you’ll only need one tool in the shed. It’s stable thanks to a 92mm waist, yet playful because of a lightweight construction.  LINE redesigned the Chronic this year, and they’ve introduced a bit of early rise for the odd pow day, but this feature adds so much more. The new tip and tail make it ideal for buttering, ollieing and not catching edges at crucial moments. They’ve also reduced the swing weight making it even easier to spin, whilst not compromising on holding an edge. This ski is ideal for a passionate skier who has trouble deciding whether to play in the park or on the mountain. Make the decision even harder by having the perfect tool for both.”

Drop in the park anytime you’re skiing past, go attack fresh snow when it’s on, slash around the frontside finding natural features to play on – if that’s all a part of your day these could well be your ski. Symmetrical flex pattern for doing it all switch as easy as forwards, full camber for carving it up, one ski quiver buying.

l 164-171-178-185 p 121-92-117 r 18.5m @ 178

Liberty Morphic

“The Morphic is the perfect one ski quiver to have for Aussie conditions. With its aggressive side cut and early rise tips it handles our hard pack in the morning and has enough width underfoot to float through the slush in the arvo. It’s super light and poppy and is also a great ski for the park. I’m not getting any younger and need all the liveliness the bamboo construction gives me.”

Traditional camber gives a classic carving feel old schoolers can relate to, but matched to twin tip shape and Liberty’s trademark light ‘n lively bamboo core construction ups the play quotient. If you’re still not sure whether to leave your old carving comfort zone get on a pair of these & feel the difference fun makes.

l 164-171-181-186 p 126-94-119 r 19.5 @ 181

Rossignol S3

Do it all freeride boards in what’s about the optimum width for only-in-OZ or home and away skiing, the S3 packs lots of fun into the package for your dollar – 50% low camber/50% rocker profile, fibreglass wrap/wood core and mini spatula shape makes for all over performance, for go for it intermediates up.

l 159-168-178-186 p 128-98-118 r 19.8m @ 178 $749;

Armada ARVw by Zoe Jaboor (señoritas)

“My weapon of choice is the ARVw. I have been using this ski for the last few years and absolutely love it. Because I travel so much with Chicks with Stix and judging I like to only take one pair of skis with me. The ARVw offers me everything I need in a single pair. They are good in the park, on the groomed and in powder. They can take me anywhere and are so much fun to shred. I often use the JJs and ARWs, but always come back to the ARV line. You are never disappointed with this ski.”

Traditional sandwich construction, regular camber all mountain boards that don’t mind the odd park excursion with 2.5mm Impact Edges for durability there. Unfortunately it’s one size has to fit all, only available in 165cm length.

l 165 p 120-89-109 r 19m


4FRNT Madonna  (señoritas)

Exceptional one ski quiver buying – freeski, powder, groomed and park boards in one. With traditional camber well worth a look for anyone looking to switch to twin tip style without going the full rocker route. Not that you’d buy on graphics alone, but 4FRNT’s ‘Glosstop’ topsheet sure keeps them looking good longer.

l 155-165-175 p 125-90-115 r 21 @ 175

K2 SuperGlide

After the AMP Rictor men’s model proved a huge hit it’s no surprise there’s now a fully fledged female equivalent, the new SuperGlide. The 80mm waist profile is perfect for stay home local skiers in or out of bounds with the same full power female specific construction and all terrain rocker profile as the Superstitious.

l 146-153-160-167 p 125-80-110 r 15m @ 167


Rossignol Temptation 88 Open (señoritas)

Powerful responsive all mountain skis with ‘Auto Turn’ 30% low rocker/70% full camber profile, and Rossi’s ‘Extended Edge’ sidecut which engages more edge past the contact points of the rocker when driven harder, so despite the width they remain very agile in good hands.

l 154-162-170 p 135-88-124 r 15m @ 170