Ride The Storm In Adidas Terrex Toric Lens Goggles

Adidas Sport Terrex goggles deliver unmatched clarity with their awesome Toric lens says our Thredbo based tester Peter Wunder.

Pete and wife Andrea have been giving the new adidas Sport Terrex goggles a full work out over the last few weeks. They delivered, really coming into their own during the snowiest July for the past 21 seasons. For skiers and riders looking for a premium goggle that does it all these are very worthy contenders.

Side view of Adidas Terrex goggles
Andrea looking styli in the Adidas Terrex © Peter Wunder

The adidas Sport Terrex Goggles have a super soft 3D foam frame that sits comfortably on your face, so if you don’t like the harder foam on other goggles this will suit you very well. This also allows them to adapt to any face.

The lenses are quite amazing. They give a lightly blue colored look with an iridium face that is the clearest lens I’ve ever seen.

I used them on a few dark stormy days and the snug fit ensures that no wind or snow gets in.

The lens highlights so well that these are now my go to goggles for stormy days.

When I wake up to this in Thredbo I know I’ll be OK riding in my Adidas Terrex goggles now © Peter Wunder

I took them out for some photos for this article on a blue bird sunny day, thinking they would burn my eyeballs out, but I was amazed that they adapted to the sunshine and I was very surprised how good they were.

Then I made the mistake of giving my wife a turn in the Terrex goggles and haven’t got them back!

Definitely a goggle to look at owning. Especially for those like me who get out there every day they can, in all weathers and visibility.

If and when travel opens up and we can get back to our northern winter home in Rusutsu these will be awesome for Japow days up there for sure.

Front view of Adidas Terrex goggles
“Mine now!” © Peter Wunder

adidas Sport Terrex Goggle Tester Verdict:

The lens highlights so well that these are now my go to goggles for stormy days. Definitely a goggle to look at owning

They say / where to buy

The toric lens gives you the best all-direction light perception in both cloudy and sunny conditions. The aeration vents, three-layered cushioned face foam and adjustable strap guarantee comfort from the first run to the last.

15 aerodynamic vents enable better air flow and prevent fogging.

The cylindrical design allows for a widened field of view, while 3D face foam padding lets the goggles adjust to any face shape. 

SRP $AUD 310.00

Check out the full range of adidas Sport goggles and sports eyewear from Marcolin on the link here

Great for bright days too © Peter Wunder