OT Chips - add surround sound to any helmet!

snow action team 19.04.2013

Would you love to listen to music on the slopes but don’t like those annoying wires hanging from underneath your helmet and winding through your jacket. Los Angeles based Outdoor Technology will soon have you rocking out under your helmet with the release of CHIPS, a wireless drop-in audio system that works universally in all helmets with audio enabled liners.

All you skiers and snowboarders can now listen to your favorite music and make calls without taking your helmet off. The Outdoor Technology CHIPS system is simple to use, just drop the small speakers into the slots inside your helmet liner.

The CHIPS wireless audio system enables you to sync via Bluetooth with your phone or MP3 player to enjoy all of your music wirelessly. With its built in microphone, you can call all your friends or even conduct that work conference call while riding up the chairlift.

The minimal two button design means you can operate the wireless audio system inside any helmet liner, even while wearing bulky ski gloves or mittens. To increase the volume, simply double click the left earpiece. A single click will lower the volume. Press the right earpiece once to play/pause and for taking calls, simply press once to answer/hang up.

The Outdoor Technology CHIPS wireless helmet audio system will be available starting May 2013 in Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

Aussie buyers check outdoortechnology.com.au