NZ Snow Travel Bubble Shuts for All Australia

snow action team 23.07.2021

That’s it for the NZ alternative – the New Zealand government has looked at the out of control COVID outbreak in NSW and shut down the travel bubble for 8 weeks from the whole of Australia.

At a news conference today the NZ Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the ministry has advised that the overall public health risk from Australia is low, but it is increasing.

“We have seen Covid-19 which is predominantly the highly transmissible Delta variant has now spread interstate in Australia, mainly from the larger outbreak in New South Wales.”

“While outbreaks in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia currently appear to be contained, the outbreak in New South Wales clearly is not.”

So as a precaution they are shutting it down for all Aussies.

Plans are in progress to ensure Kiwis in Australia can continue to return, with quarantine requirements.

But it’s all over for us going there to ski. Bugger. Let’s hope NSW snow manages to stay open and Victoria can re-open soon – they are so far going well with their snap lockdown.

Bugger, we’re going to miss this! © nzski.com