Now All You Need Is A Leave Pass Lads!

Things are looking up for snow trips: Australia is open to the World from Monday (well, Sydney and NSW is, followed closely by Victoria). No more begging the government to let you out of the country, or paying for 2 weeks in quarantine when you get home.

Got the shots, get a test before you go, and Bob’s your uncle!

Newcastle crew South America Tour ©

Flights are firing up in tandem with us opening up. There are plenty of good deals to encourage us to fly again. North American and European are already on the menu.

Yes, ski resorts are already open across Europe’s great glacier areas in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France.

In Colorado the first major resort, Keystone, opened last weekend.

So you can fly out. You can arrive quarantine free to the countries with ski areas open for business. You are itching to go. Your mates likewise.

What’s missing from the equation?

The leave pass!

For most lads, the partner’s permission is required for a great mates snow trip, so time to be very very nice boys. After all, suggesting that first big post-lockdown trip as a mates ski trip may not go over to well.

Ski all day, party all night .. this is living ©

But is there a better snow holiday?

Family trips are fun, it tiring; romantic getaways great too; but for serious snow business and aprés action the mates’ mission is hard to beat. Good luck.

Who would let their partners go with a Leave Pass? Let’s find out: