Nick Goeper nails Men's Slopestyle Gold

snow action team 28.01.2013

What a day on the slopestyle course, sun, technical rails and big ol booters to allow the best of the best to battle it out for the top!
Nick Goepper came out a little slow with a 7th place qualification, only to clean everything up an show how being naturally ambidextrous is a prerequisite to killing it at the top level!
This kid spins doubles in both directions without even hinting at which is natural and which is (supposed to be) harder.
Definitely check out that run, it’s extremely smooth.
Henrik needs absolutely no introduction, he blew everyone’s mind yesterday in the Big Air, and he used those skills to throw together an absolute banger of a run!
Henrik threw together an extremely technical top section in the rails as of-course threw out the nose butter double 12 to flash to the crowd at the end on the money booter!
I was kind of hoping to see the triple from the big air again, but you can’t complain with a run like that, and maybe he just wanted to give someone else a shot at gold.
Woods from the UK smashed it, the only thing which let him down was the lack of technicality on the rail section.
I have the feeling he will be gunning even harder for Euro X, this kid is hungry and ready to show that learning on a dry slope in the UK is no disadvantage (Bloody impressive actually)

Unfortunately Russ didn’t get to ski in the X games, I am not 100% sure why this is, but I have a feeling a knee might be involved. Whatever it is, we all hope he is better soon and can show what he has in the bag at Euro X.

Report Jodan Cook, pic Aspen, CO – January 27, 2013 – Buttermilk Mountain: Nick Goepper competing in Ski Jeep Slopestyle Men’s Final during X Games Aspen 2013. (Photo by Pete Morning / ESPN Images)