New Vigilante Puff jackets that stuff-sack into a travel pillow!

snow action team 12.09.2016

Vigilante Puff Jackets are the latest in smarts from the awesome Aussie designed brand that blends quality with versatility and intelligent design. The Vigilante Reyk for women and Vigilante Downcore for men that stuff sack into a super light and comfortable travel pillow. Beats renting one off Jetstar if you’re doing the el cheapo Japan flights mission for example ..

How cool is this? Vigilante Puff jacket stuffs down to super-comfy travel pillow!

How cool is this? Vigilante Puff jacket stuffs down to super-comfy travel pillow!

SnowAction have been road testing Vigilante stuff for years – their thermals are the best, totally non-irritating for those who react to fibres in many thermals, and durable – we have done 3 seasons in our current set of them.

Continuing off the success of Vigilante’s best selling predecessor, their new line of Puff Jackets take all the learnings and wins of an old favourite, to produce an even better product. The jackets are fully featured, technical down jackets crafted with durable Nylon Ripstop outer layer, and filled with a 500 power loft.

To keep out the cold and wind, the jackets are completely insulated and water-resistant, boast highly effective spandex snow sleeve cuffs at the wrists, and feature waterproof hand warmer pockets. Speaking of pockets, the pocket game is strong in this one, with lots of thoughtful internal places to stash your belongs; one hidden in the chest, another in the hood, one for your goggles, and an internal one for your smartphone.

The features are definitely ‘puffing’; a detachable hood, and even a lens cleaner for polishing eyewear – and all able to be packed down into a travel-size pillow. The Vigilante Ryek and Downcore are definitely the ultimate jacket to take on your next Winter adventure.

Fabric: 80% Down 20% Feather fill – Nylon outer and lining – Quality down (inner) Fine denier weave (outer). Insulated.

Vigilante Men’s Downcore Puff Jacket RRP $AUD 269.99
Available Colour/s: Black

Vigilante Women’s Reyk Puff Jacket RRP $AUD 269.99
Available Colour/s: Red, Brown

Vigilante Reyk women's Puff jacket

Vigilante Reyk women’s Puff jacket