New Giro Jackson Helmet one of the best

snow action team 23.04.2018

The new Giro Jackson helmet is one of the best ever from Giro, available downunder for the 2018 southern winter.
The sleek new Jackson™ helmet’s profile was realized through the new Passive Aggressive venting system, a design inspired by the aerodynamic airflow of high-end auto design.

When in motion cool air enters front brim vents, travels via internal helmet channels, and exhausts warm air through the rear facing vents.If standing or hiking, warm air rises and exhausts through vents on top of the helmet and siphons in cool air. The system effectively manages airflow and temperature while riding, hiking or standing so it’s great for all season, all activity modes.
The look is finished with a slight brim and subtle lines for seamless compatibility with Giro goggles. It features Giro’s MIPS technology, a low-friction liner that helps reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angled impact as it allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, redirecting impact energy and providing more protection in certain impacts. Ultra-lightweight construction and dial In-Form 2 Fit system complete the package.
RRP $AUD 249 more at www.giro.com

Giro Jackson helmet matte black