Never Wax Again New Surf Grips Board Test

Why wax when Van Der WAAL Surf Grips will do the job just as well with no downsides says our multi-task test guru Steve Leeder who has been checking out this great innovation, and some cool GoPro mounts, over summer.

Surfing is definitely not my main thing, but I actually really love it. So when this little pack from Van Der WAAL arrived into the studio I was stoked.

Surfing on Van Der Wall Surf Grips
Look, no wax! © Steve Leeder

Wax is wax, pretty much right?

I mean, everyone has their preference ,but its all sort of the same. I remember a while back a few companies were doing bee’s wax type surf wax, and a few other non-chemical things to try and make a more environmentally friendly product but that died quick. I remember my wetsuit turned white from one surf. It stuck to everything, but not so much my feet.

Enter Van Der WAAL Surf Grip.

They call it a “clear non-skid alternative to surf wax, easy to install, in a hexagonal shape and that requires almost no maintenance.”

What I call it, clear rubber stickers kinda like deck grip, with some texture to it but not sticky, but not hard.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about it but that’s what’s exciting about new products.

The plan is, lay them out on the board and start from the top sticking them on using the provided cardboard guide.  Sounds simple but if you are a perfectionist like me when it comes to stickers it’s a little tricky. Once they are on you are done. Just go SURF!

Now for the question you are all asking, DOES IT WORK?

I’ll give it a big thumbs up. I didn’t actually feel any difference between the stickers and the wax. It was like a freshly waxed board.

So yeah I’m stoked. Job done.

I think where the Van Der WAAL Surf Grips really shine tho is if you leave your board in the car or you stack it on a couple other boards. It’s not wax. So it doesn’t melt when its hot and go all over everything else.

Another thing I always hate is getting to the beach and not having a block in the car and my old wax is hard and cooked. Again, no worry with these stickers, it’s like a fresh wax each time.

So as long as these Van Der WAAL stickers last long term I’m switched.

Packs from $59 – one pack will do a small board. The brand new product is in store now at these shops

Coopers surf – Coffs Coast Leading Surf, Skate & Fashion Brands – Coopers Surf Australia

Slimes – Newcastle Slimes Boardstore & Surf Shop on the Central Coast & Newcastle NSW

Surfers Choice – Central coast SURFERS CHOICE – Home

Natural Necessity – South Coast Natural Necessity Surf Shop | Australia’s Ultimate Surf Store

Dealer enquiries/orders Andrew Hurley

Sizing patterns for applying Van Der Waal Surf Grips on your surfboard
Choose the pack you need and stick ’em out to suit – it’s pretty simple ot put them on

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