Never Be Cold Again: Lenz 6.0 Heated Gloves/Mitts

Lenz 6.0 ‘Finger Cap’ heated gloves and mitts take ski & snowboarding comfort next level – never be cold again!

With the northern hemisphere fully open to Aussies from Appi to Zermatt for 2022-2023 it’s time to go snow, and when you do the last thing you need is to give up early because you are too cold.

Lenz 6.0 heated gloves women's model front and back view
Lenz 6.0 Finger Cap Heated Gloves © Lenz

You won’t in Lenz 6.0 gloves or mitts that’s for sure. Lenz are the World leader’s in heat gear, and their revolutionary new finger-cap heating element completely surrounds the fingers and also heats the back of the hand for up to 10 hours. 

The optionally available lithium packs can be fixed to the heat glove 6.0 finger cap men with push buttons. These can be controlled either manually on the lithium pack or with the smartphone app. 

The Lenz 6.0 heated gloves are available in men’s and women’s models, sizes S – XL for Men and XS – L for Ladies.

Lenz 6.0 finger cap heated mitts front and rear view
Lenz 6.0 Heated Mitts unisex © Lenz

Prefer mitts? Many people do, and the finger cap heating element guarantees all-round warmth on fingers and back of the hand in the unisex Lenz 6.0 heated mitten too, which also provides up to 10 hours of warmth. The unisex mitts are available in sizes from XS – XL.

Lenz gloves and mitts are high quality already without the heat additions, made from flexible 4-way stretch fabric is equipped with PrimaLoft® and Hippora®. This provides durable waterproofing and breathability.

The Lenz 6.0 gloves and mittens are also touch-screen compatible, with an integrated goggle/sunnies cleaning element.

Did someone say Xmas present to self? You won’t regret it – Lenz heat sales downunder exploded this southern winter as more and more snow enthusiasts realise the importance of staying warm to staying out there.

Lenz 6.0 Finger Cap gloves & mitts are $AUD 299.95 in stores and online here – use with the 1800 battery pack (additional, check website link for details). Lenz 1800 battery packs include a worldwide charger.

Finger cap supplies heat to all fingers © Lenz

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