Mumm’s The Word At 2021 Thredbo Top To Bottom

As the sun began to rise competitors lined up, boards and skis in hand, for a fast and furious race down the infamous Supertrail in Thredbo. The course was fresh and challenging while the competition was high with racers wanting a piece of the $25,000 worth of cash and prizes. The Top to Bottom saw a spectacular start to its 29th year. 

The Thredbo Top to Bottom is a 3.2-kilometre downhill race where competitors make a 100-metre dash before strapping in for a fast-paced blast to the bottom, dropping 600 vertical metres navigating, gates, straights and other racers.

Nice day for a slide .. © Thredbo

Speaking of the 2021 event, Thredbo General Manager Stuart Diver stated, “It is just the best day of the year. I went on a safety run, coming down at 6:30 AM when the light was just coming up, it was amazing. The course was incredible, they have done a great job. It’s super fast and super fun”.

200 competitors across eight categories boarded lifts at dawn with smiles and high energy. The exhilarating atmosphere continued well after the sun had risen, with racers and spectators alike sporting smiles into the morning. Following her race in the Open Women Ski event, Charlotte Murphy said, “It’s been a great day here in Thredbo for Top to Bottom. We missed a few seasons so we are so pumped to be back. Nice fast turns, great day, big run, smiles all round.” When asked about her second-place result, “I am so hyped… couldn’t be happier”. 

In the Masters Women Ski, Gayle Pugh competed in her first ever Top to Bottom. Speaking of her experience she said, “I wanted to do it before I was 70… It was just the best race on the perfect day.” She made sure to mention she will be back to compete again on her 70th year. 

For those that prefer to cheer from the sidelines, Kareela Hutte opened its slope-side doors for onlookers to enjoy The Mumm Top to Bottom Champagne Breakfast. For those that prefer to cheer from the sidelines, Kareela Hutte opened its slope-side doors for onlookers to enjoy The Mumm Top to Bottom Champagne Breakfast. Offering access to the mountain at 7am, guests cheered on competitors from the famous outdoor deck before taking sunrise pictures a plenty. 

Down the mountain, spectators took to the ropes to congratulate competitors on the finish line. Charlotte Otley-Noe woke early to join one of the many early-risers, supporting several of her friends competing in the Open Women Snowboard. She said, “It’s Top to Bottom and it’s a time, the girls are on! I am here to watch the race and the ladies come down the mountain. It’s a lot of good vibes and it’s great to see the girls out there for snowboarding.” 
Thanks to GoPro, Burton Snowboards, Rossignol and G.H. Mumm who helped bring this event to life. The Top to Bottom is set to remain a serious bucket list experience for years to come.

Masters Women Ski Anita Faeh
Masters Men Ski Ashleigh Antflick
Veteran Men Ski James Kilmartin
Amateur Men Ski Harrison Phillips
Open Women Snowboard Georgia Baff
Open Men Snowboard Nicholas Masjuk
Open Women Ski Zali Offord
Pro Men Ski Charles Beaton

Amateur Men on the surge © Thredbo