Knog Bandicoot USB silicone headlamp road test

Frodo had the Phial of Galadriel to light him through the darkest places, eco-friendly never mind handy when caught in giant spider’s lairs. But that was a small production run, and the Elves shut up shop and went west long ago .. These days the search for functional alternatives continues, with Knog’s Bandicoot Headlamp a serious contender.

Our #1 tester Steve Leeder checked it out with a serious late season overnight mission to Blue Lake and came back impressed – and if Steve’s impressed it must be good!

Knog Bandicoot Headlamp night jungle view
A light in dark places .. Knog Bandicoot Headlamp

I always love to test out a good kick starter product and when this  KNOG Bandicoot head torch came across our desk I was pretty impressed.

The idea is a rechargeable built in battery that charges from any USB port. That seems rad,  I never have AA batteries when I actually need them.  What I really like tho was just how compact the head torch was. Pretty much every Petzle and BD light has a bulky light/battery pack that while you are moving at all ends up bouncing around and moving. And its really light so in a jacket pocket  you don’t even notice it.

The other major selling point is the different settings. Everything from pretty bright to just enough light to read in bed with and a red light for dance party times in camp, I mean when everyone else is asleep and you need to get out of the tent.

So on paper the KNOG sounds awesome but up in the mountains will be the real test.

Oopsie, didn’t get the night shot at Blue Lake but trust us, few get out more, or get more out of, the Aussie back country then Tester Steve! © Owain Price

I was pretty excited to give this thing a solid go on an over night trip up to Blue Lake. In camp the light was perfect. With the brightest setting  I cooked up a storm and did everything I needed to in my tent and the angle of all the lights while talking to people meant I wasn’t blinding them like i do with my normal head torch.

I headed out for a late night ski thinking this would be interesting and it definitely was.  Skiing up the head torch was perfect.  I love that I put it on a literally don’t feel it… EVER.  Skiing down WAS the only time I really wish there was a bit of adjustment in the angle of the light, I wanted to be looking way out infront of me not right infront of me but I just tilted my head up a bit and that was cool.  Definitely not as bright as other lights I have used but bright enough.

The thing that will set this head torch apart I think is longevity, all the other straps are fabric and elastic ands then wear out and stretch out… HEAPS.  The silicone is like a comfy soft rubber band.

Good job KNOG,  this will stay in my pack for sure. Easy, strong light and bright. And really good value at $59.99

More/get Knog Bandicoot headlamps on the link here

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Knog Bandicoot headlamp colour range
KNOG Bandicoot is available in a cool range of colours