JOI (Jon Olsson Invitational) goes off in Are

snow action team 15.04.2014

SnowAction’s youngest roving correspondent Daniel Squires is spending a year in Sweden so what the hey, he headed up to the JOI to check it out & shoot some nice pics & filed this update.

With much anticipation for both riders and spectators, the final of the Jon Olsson Invitational came with great result for both the alpine and big air sections! The weather clearing up and the riders seemingly at their best after a few days practice on the amazingly prepped Slalom track and huge jump – it was to be a good night indeed. The sun broke through just in time for the event launch and onlookers were greeted with a great sunset whilst the pro’s did their thing. A huge amount of progression in the big-air side of this event, with a vast array of unseen tricks being stomped with style and finesse.

Among these tricks included a crowd favourite switch-triple front flip by Jesper Tjäder, HUGE triple back flip from Christof Schenk and a clean and professional triple-cork 1620 safety grab by Oscar Wester. The final standings showed Oscar Wester in first, Jesper Tjäder in second and Fabian Bösch in third, the Swedish boys dominating the top two spots of the podium.

A remarkable effort by Torin Yater-Wallace almost landed him an unprecedented switch 1980 and what would have been a definite podium spot. The Betsafe Alpine Challenge also added a unique atmosphere to this event as enthused spectators cheered on their favourites. Julia Mancuso (USA) took the top spot for the women and the Norwegian Leif Kristian-Haugen won it for the men. All in all another fantastic year for the JOI and it is certain that next years event couldn’t come sooner!

JOI_3072 JOI_2975 JOI.img3056