New iON Air Pro 2 takes it next level for POVs

snow action team 22.06.2013

iON Worldwide bought Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity to POV cameras with the Air Pro 1, have upped the ante with the 2nd generation iON Air Pro 2 wearable, HD video camera. Powerful new features make it easy for skiers, boarders, skaters etc to capture and share high quality video images, while retaining the compact size, light weight, fully waterproof design, Wi-Fi connectivity and ease-of-use benefits that have made the original iON Air Pro camera so popular.
Boasting a 14-megapixel sensor, the iON Air Pro 2 leapfrogs the competition in still resolution, delivering superior image quality than most POV cameras currently on the market. It captures up to 60 frames per second HID video. Like the original it vibrates when recording stops or starts, so it’s virtually impossible to miss the ‘big moment’, whether in the surf or on the mountain.
A new, 180° lens provides the widest field of view, letting users capture more of a scene, and its standard battery provides up to 2.5 hours recording time, ensuring the camera remains fully functional to capture any and every moment. iON has added a microphone-in jack to the Air Pro 2, enabling the use of accessory microphones for pro-quality audio recording.
With the addition of the accessory Wi-Fi PODZ™, iON Air Pro 2 users can easily upload their videos to social sites via iON’s iOS or Android apps for smartphones and tablets. The iON app enables use of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or late-model Android phone or tablet to stop and start recording, change all camera shooting modes, trip the shutter for still images, check battery life, and more.
The ION AIR PRO 2 Wi-Fi $349 pack comes complete with a mini tripod, helmet mount, travel power adapter, USB cable, and pouch PLUS Wi-Fi PODZ to allow for instant connectivity to the iON app.
Full info www.ioncamera.com.au