Harro's Heroes Dash Longe Jackson Hole

snow action team 04.01.2017

Our Harro’s Heroes gallery series was a popular addition to the Snow Action lineup last year, with our Travel Bible V issue featuring his internationals selection – some of the ski legends the legendary Tony ‘Harro’ Harrington has shot over the past 25 years. They make for perfect #TBT (throwbackthursday) coverage, so we’ll be rolling them out over the next few weeks here.

To celebrate the awesome season Jackson Hole is enjoying we might as well start there, with Dash Longe.

Dash Longe drops Fat Bastard at Jackson Hole © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

There’s a good reason why the boys from Teton Gravity Research managed overnight success, it had a lot to do with where they lived and the terrain they had to work with.
Jackson Hole has some of the rowdiest and most consistent powder snow days out of any North American resort, and skiers come from everywhere to huck their way into stardom by being in front of a TGR cameraman.
Dash Longe is a main stayer of the TGR movie series, launching off the cliffs in this photo of a run they call “Fat Bastard”.