Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort, Peak of the Valley

Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort is unique as the only independent peak resort in the whole HAKUBAVALLEY set up. Unlike the other 8 resorts here, which are all on ridges spilling down from the higher ranges of the Northern Japan Alps, Hakuba Iwatake sits atop it’s own 1289m high peak.

That ensures a 360° experience, for both views and runs.

Amazing views from Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort
Enjoy amazing views in all directions from Iawatake © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

Hakuba Iwatake skiing and boarding

For most Snow Action followers this is always the number #1 reason to visit anywhere and Iwatake offers plenty of variety from their expanded dedicated Back Bowl powder zone runs to the awesome DC PARK set up and wide open scenic cruising runs on the front side.

On socked in powder days and/or when it’s windy at higher elevations at other resorts Iwatake can be the best choice in the valley. It’s also usually quieter on pow days than the more obvious favourites so both factors can work in your favour.

Hakuba Iwatake Back Bowl powder riding
Back Bowl powder riding © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

The DC PARK has features for all levels and the best views!

 DC Park set up at Hakuba Iwate
The DC Park set up at Iwatake has heaps of features and killer views © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

Great wide open frontside cruising and less crowds midweek makes Iwate an ideal place to learn or improve for all ages.

Local legends Evergreen International Ski School offer a full range of programs and group and private lessons to make sure you get the most out of it.

There’s a new slope at Iwatake for kids and beginners with a dedicated magic carpet lift.

The Snow Park on the sunny southern slopes has been made permanent.

Wide open corduroy cruising run at Hakuba Iwate
Wide open cruiser © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

Hakuba Iwatake Activities and Dining Options

It’s called Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort, not ‘Ski Resort’, for a reason – this is a 4 season mountain activity centre with plenty of fun for all the family anytime of year. In winter that means it doesn’t matter if you don’t ski or board, or just want to take time out from those.

Some of Iwatake’s best views can be had from HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR terrace, which rises on stilts with a great promenade viewpoint and delicious food and drinks from THE CITY BAKERY. It’s popular year round for taking in the views, easily accessed from the top of Iwatake’s top-to-bottom gondola.

Great view from HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR terrace at Hakuba Iwate Mountain Resort
A view to thrill HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR terrace © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

New for 21/22 season is CHAVATY HAKUBA, a specialty tea shop for delicious tea lattes and fresh scones. The Iwatake outlet is the popular brand’s first in Nagano Prefecture.

Chavaty scones and tea at Hakuba Iwatake
Chavaty scones and tea time © Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

Or for a more active view, hop on the Yoo-Hoo! SWING at IWATAKE WHITE PARK, a great snow activity centre at the top of the mountain between the gondola top station and HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR.

From snowplay to snow shoeing, a fire pit area where you can make your own s’mores and coffee to a slackline, snow huts and even a pet play area for dogs it’s a happy part of the resort great for families and non-skiers.

Iwatake White Park map of activities

Local Insider: Iwatake A Hidden Treasure

Our local insider for Iwatake, Dave Enright from Evergreen International Ski School, has called Hakuba home for decades and been instrumental in safely opening up powder skiing and riding in the valley. Evergreen has the International Ski School at Iwate (and Happo, Tsugaike and Cortina too).

“Iwatake is the less known treasure of Hakuba Valley, hidden between Happo-one and  Tsugaike.

“Iwatake has the most spectacular view of the Hakuba Three Peaks and great intermediate terrain that spreads out 360 degrees from the top of the gondola and boasts a THE CITY BAKERY with great baked goods, coffees and craft beers.

“The tree zone off the back of View Course is great for those looking to sink their teeth into Hakuba’s famous powder snow.

“The snowshoe hikes that Evergreen Backcountry Guides provide on Iwatake are a great way to enjoy the great views of the Japanese Northern Alps, possibly spot a Nihon Kamoshika, a mountain goat like creature, and enjoy the tranquility of the yellow cedar and beech forests.

Slashing a line at Hakuba Iwatake
How good is this? © Hiroya Nakata

Hakuba Iwatake more info

Check the Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort winter season website for latest conditions and news.

For more info and all the latest conditions across the HAKUBAVALLEY’s 9 member resort check the HV website