Great Ski USA News: the adults are back in charge!

snow action team 20.01.2021

Great Ski USA news today: the adults are back in charge!

Never mind making America great again, we’ll settle for making it sane again..

Finally there will be a real science-based response to getting COVID-19 under control with an administracion fully focused on America’s greatest health crisis in a century. Instead of the outgoing president’s full focus on himself.

As case numbers and deaths have soared across America this winter even if we had been able to go ski there we wouldn’t have. Which is a waste of our 2020-21 Epic Australia Passes, but between the risks and American healthcare costs there’s no way we would have gone there.

Now there’s a far better chance that this time next year we will be able too, and will want to get back there.

From an Australian or New Zealand perspective, where strict lockdowns and other controls with an overall “let the medical experts decide” approach has been enforced and largely accepted, so both countries have virtually no community transmission, it’s hard to comprehend the scale of the problem elsewhere. Or the botched response.

It won’t be easy for America now – the upward trajectory has enough momentum to keep rising for weeks whatever they do. But with a team fully focused and fully resourced you can expect a much better outcome than had the existing policy, or lack of it, continued.

Jess McMillan beneath the iconic Tram at Jackson Hole
Jess McMillan at Jackson Hole, top of our back to USA list © Eric Seymour

So where would you head to first heading back to America next winter?

After years of waiting to get there we got rained on in Jackson Hole in 2016. Still had some great skiing, but with normal good snow it has to be be my personal #1 to get back to.

A few lines off the Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky would not go amiss either. That has to be America’s ballsiest ski lift bar none and you can see why the Unabomber chose Montana – it’s pretty wild up there.

For a roadie, south west Colorado down to Arizona is lifetime ski and travel goal still to be ticked off – yes, there is some excellent skiing down in Arizona never mind the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley along the way.

Anyway, Hello President Joe! Look forward to having America back, and getting back to America..

Number #2 on my get back to USA list has to be the Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky © Owain Price / snowaction.com.au